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Jacquelyn Wigs
Jacquelyn wigs has a large variety of quality wigs.

Irish Dancing Wigs
The Irish Dancing wigs will help you dance dance dance to the Irish dancing beat.

Costume Wigs
There are serious costume wigs and funny wigs and everything in between.

Colonial Wigs
The English settlers brought the colonial wig style to America.

Beethoven's Wigs
"Beethoven Wigs" is actually not a wig style at all - it's a children's CD series.

Mens Full Wigs
Mens full wigs are available at most men's wig stores.

Doll Wigs
Doll wigs range from being as good quality as human wigs - just in miniature form to being funnier then clown wigs.

Wig and Hair Replacement Distributors
Wig and Hair Replacement Distributors

Human Hair Sources
Human Hair Sources

Wig Fundamentals
So you're convinced! You want to buy a wig. Or probably more accurately, you are interested in buying a wig and that's why we picked up this little dissertation in the first place. Whatever the case is don't jump into anything too fast.

Human Hair Basics
Did you know that there are many people growing their hair as a source of revenue? This hair is used to make Human hair wigs. Human hair wigs usually look more natural than synthetics, but are much more expensive.

Synthetic Basics
Synthetic or Elura wigs, which are really just very fine plastic filaments, tend to look very natural these days.

Human Hair Blends Basics
Well you can either see the cup half full or half empty. As it sounds, these blends have some human hair and some synthetics.

Wig Caps Explained
Whether you decided on a human hair wig, a synthetic or a blend, you have to understand that a blob of hair in its raw form will not look like anything at all. The hairs have to be attached to a cap that can take the form of the scalp.<

More Hair Replacements
Nobody wants that 'wiggy' look. And as we've been discussing, wig makers go through tremendous efforts to try to avoid it.

Custom vs. Ready Made
Another decision that must be made in the wig buying process is how much say you have in the wig or hair piece production.

Custom Wigs
There is no question about it custom wigs are significantly nicer and more natural looking then out-of-the-box wigs. If you can afford it and the looks are that important to you- go for it.

Out of the Box Wigs
Less time. less money. less headache. less natural. These wigs are usually in stock and are a good choice if you need a wig fast.

Raw and Unstyled Wigs
Raw wigs are something like raw vegetables. Everyone know when you buy raw vegetables you can't just pull them out of the bag and eat them.

Buying From a Catalog
Walking You through the Steps of Buying From a Catalogue

Face Shapes
What kind of style would you like your wig to have? Well you might love your hair style and want a wig to look exactly the same. If you know your style and can find a wig to match- lucky you.

Human Hair Wig Care
Buying a wig is only the beginning. Wigs require constant care and maintenance. The better you care for it the longer it will last - and the longer it will be until you have to embark on another wig spree.

Synthetic Wig Care
Synthetic Wig Care. Synthetics are really thin plastic filaments and heat will "frizz it up" and melt it.

Putting on your wig
Putting On Your Wig. Until you get used to it, and learn the tricks of the trade, it is advisable to leave fifteen to twenty minutes for getting your wig on- especially if you still have hair that must fit under the wig.

Instructions For Washing Wigs
Instructions For Washing Wigs. Using a wig brush or comb brush out wig.

Wig Makers
Wig Manufactures human hair Wholesale

Beverly Johnson Wigs
Beverly Johnson Wigs offer striking new fashions for every woman.

Discount Wigs
Discount wigs are usually discounted because of a defect in the wigs.

Fashion Wigs
Fashion Wigs ensure that you will definitely look in fashion.

Best Wig Outlets
Looking for the best wig outlets to buy a wig like the outlets they have for clothing and shoes? Well you've come to the right place.

Blue Wigs
Blue wigs help push the blues away.

Elvis Wigs
There are 1950s Elvis wigs, 1970 Elvis Wigs and large exaggerated Elvis Wigs.

Clown Wigs
The difference between a clown wig and other wigs is that other wigs you are trying to conform to a certain mold. You are trying to fit in with certain styles. Clown wigs, you are trying to break away from the mold to be unique and different.

Ebony Wigs
Ebony wigs come in long and short; straight and curly, but they are just in the African American styles and look like the African American textures.

Fiber Optic Wigs
Some fiber optic wigs light up in the same color as the rest of the hair. Other fiber optic wigs light up in a contrasting color.

How to Make a Wig
If you ever wondered how to make a wig then you've come to the right place - we'll tell you.

European Hair Wigs
European Hair Wigs come from Europe.

Half Wigs
Get the low down on half wigs.

Human Hair
Human hair facts that you may surprise you.

Men Wigs
Men wigs are usually not "fashion wigs."

Free Wig Catalog
You can find a free wig catalog but it will be hard to find a free wig in a catalog.

Front Lace Wig
We'll tell you all about the materials needed to make a front lace wig.

Irish Wigs
There are many different styles of these Irish wigs but the theme of all these Irish wigs are that they are curly and high.

Ladies Wigs
Here is a list of ladies wigs with their style descriptions:

Large Size Wigs
Are you in the market for large size wigs?

Long Wigs
Long wigs are very expensive, especially those made with human hair.

Front Lace Wigs
On front lace wigs, the caps are cut short about 2-3 inches (something like falls.) Then to the front a very thin French Lace or Welded Mono lace is attached.

Human Hair Blend Wigs
Human hair blend wigs may be the perfect solution for you.

Medium Wigs
Medium Wigs are the easiest wigs to find.

Model Beverly Johnson Wigs
Model Beverly Johnson Wigs are the perfect choice for any African American woman.

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