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Why Wear a Wig
Why wear a wig when you can bleach, perm or extend? Find out why many people prefer wigs over alternative hair styling options.

Historical Trends in Male Wigs
Wigs for men have been worn for centuries. Follow the fashion trends of male wigs through the ages.

History of Wigs
Take a ride along the wigs history timeline and discover the who what, where, when, how and why wigs are what they are today.

Celebrities Who Wear Wigs
Celebrities' wigs stir the question "If they can do it, why can't I?"

Doll Hair Care
Doll hair care for all types, including synthetic and human hair doll wigs.

Homemade Dolls' Wigs
Make a doll wig from scratch with these simple instructions.

Hair Wigs For Men, At Last
Wigs for men, taboo or tolerable?

Wigs for Cancer and Hair Loss Patients
Wigs for cancer patients and other hair loss victims can make a big difference. Find out more and how you can help.

Costume Hair Wigs: A Closer Look
Costume wigs: what are they good for? Absolutely everything!

How to Make Your Own Wig
Make your own wig and save tons.

Malaysian Hair Weave
Malaysian weave is the seamless hair extensions method that leaves your hair healthy.

Hair Extensions Revisited
Discover the many hair weaving techniques used for real hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions.

Easy Hair Extension Care- Caring for hair weaves
Hair extension care tips to keep your hair weaves looking fabulous all the time.

10 Good Reasons to Wear Hair Extensions
Top ten reasons why to apply hair extensions

Wig Application For First Time Wearers
Learn how to wear a wig with our easy wig application tutorial.

Custom Made Wigs VS Synthetic Hair Wigs
Find out what are the advantages and disadvantages of custom and synthetic hair wigs.

Synthetic and Human Hair Wig Care
Wigs care, how bout you? Wig hair care for the average wig wearer.

Hottest Brand Name Wigs
Here's a look at some of the latest styles in brand name wigs.

Hair Weaving Techniques
Learn the various hair weaving and other hair extensions techniques.

Wig Terms Defined
A concise dictionary for wig terminology.

Human Hair Wigs Or Synthetics?
Don't know what lace wigs are? Never heard of human hair wigs? Read up on some wig wearing differences before you start shopping around.

Yarn Clown Wigs
Yarn clown wigs are great wigs when you need to keep a group of 5 year olds amused at a birthday party.

Wig Stores
Though there are several mail order catalogue wig stores and online wig stores, the best way to purchase a wig is at an actual wig store. A wig needs to be tried on in front of a mirror for fit, style and color.

Wig Stand
Buy a wig stand to place your wig to keep the shape and style.

Wig Shop
Learn why a wig shop is the best place for you to buy a wig.

Wig in a Box
A wig in a box is an inexpensive way to buy a nice wig.

Wig shaved her head
A wig can be a tremendous emotional relief for someone who has shaved her head because of chemotherapy and other life saving treatments.

Wig Cut Her Hair Short
For those mornings when there's no time to breath, slip on a wig. And cut your hair short to keep it stylish and easy.

Updo Wigs
Updo Wigs are great for weddings.

Party Wigs
Party Wigs will make you the life of any party.

European Human Hair Wigs
European Human Hair Wigs need to be trimmed, thinned and styled before you wear it for the first time.

Petite Wigs
Petite Wigs are great for tiny women.

Mullet Wigs
Mullet Wigs are short in the front and long in the back.

Motown Tress Wigs
Motown Tress Wigs are perfect for music lovers.

Afro Wigs
Afro wigs almost seem to defy gravity with the hair standing far out in every direction. However, it is really the thickness of the curls that keep the hair in its upright position.

Integra Wigs
Integra wigs offers a few special features. The features that Integra Wigs are only very minimal changes, but they can have a very substantial difference in look and feel.

60's Wigs
60's wigs can take all different forms and shapes, be even or layered, streaked or smooth colored.

Anime Wigs
Anime wigs can be bought from a costume store together with the rest of a costume or bought separately from a wig distributor.

100 Percent Human Hair
Remy means that all the hair goes in the same direction.

Discount Human Hair Extensions
Discount human hair extensions are human hair extensions which you can get for relatively cheap.

Ethnic Wigs
Ethnic wigs come in all shapes and sizes.

African American Wig
African American Wig styles come in many different lengths and colors.

Blonde Wigs
If you are one of those blessed with blond hair go straight for a high quality blond wig and you are bound to look gorgeous.

Doll Wig
A doll wig can be purchased from doll companies.

Janet Human Hair Weave
Janet Human Hair Weave can be found in the Janet collection.

Hair Extensions
Hair extensions weave wig hair together with the wearer's hair for a perfect blend.

70's Wigs
70's wigs reflected a change from the 1960s.

Discontinued Wigs
Looking for a bargain on your wig? Often you can find bargains on discontinued wigs.

Forever Young Wigs
Forever Young Wigs won't protect you from wrinkles nor will they save you from heart failure. But when it comes to gray hair, the forever young wigs are certainly a tremendous help.

Human Hair Wigs
We are happy to present this list of pros and cons of Human Hair Wigs as opposed to synthetic ones.

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