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Yarn Clown Wigs

Yarn clown wigs are fun and zany. Wear a variety of yarn clown wigs to a children's birthday party or Halloween event for some laughts.

Here are some easy to follow steps to making hysterical yarn clown wigs in literally five minutes.

1. Take a mesh bag with big holes (an onion bag also works.)

2. Buy a long rope of yarn (if you want to make a colorful wig, buy a few colors.)

3. Decide the length that you want your yarn clown wig to be.

4. Cut long strands of yarn- the longer the better, you can always cut the wig later.

5. Depending on the size of the mesh, tie 1-3 strands into each hole using a hook rug stitch.

6. Work systematically. Start from the back right, and work across to the left. Then start the next row from the left and move to the right.

7. Decide the pattern. You can alternate colors, or do different patches of colors, or you can just use a single color.

8. Now it is time to style your wig. Cut each strand to the desired length. Don't worry if your cutting job is uneven, this is a clown wig. Tt may look even better having a head of ragged uneven strands. You can try this to add emphasis and humor to your yarn clow wigs.

You can also thread some beads onto the yarn. Tie a knot on the bottom to prevent the beads from falling off.

And now you have a beautiful yarn clown wig. Enjoy clowning around in it.

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