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Wig shaved her head

It was a hard time for Susan; physically and emotionally taxing. It started with a trip to the doctor; then a whole slew of tests; then the diagnosis- cancer. The doctor explained to her the treatment plan, how they would start with chemotherapy and then move on to radiation. The doctor explained to Anne all the side effects of chemotherapy including how it could weaken her, cause nausea, take away her appetite and cause hair loss. Though it seemed the most innocuous of all, hair loss must have been the straw that broke the camels back (or Anne's back in this case) because when she heard this, she started to sob uncontrollably.

The doctor, trying to console her, explained to her how she could get a wig to cover her bald head, and she would still look beautiful. He advised her to do it immediately so that it would be ready before her hair started falling out.

Anne took the advice of the doctor, and immediately went to order her wig.

Three weeks after the chemo began, Anne's wig was ready. Anne told the doctor that she had already found a few hairs fallen out in the shower. The doctor suggested that Anne shave the rest of her head or her hairs would start falling out in her food, in her clothing, in the park, and it might cause some embarrassing and unruly situations.

Anne sat by the mirror for a long time. She could not bare to shave her head. She knew that it would only be a matter of days until all her hair fell out on its own. But she still could not bare to do it to herself. She knew that it would be much less embarrassing if she shaved her head than if she let if fall out on it's own, but the emotional pang was so strong. She knew that after she shaved her head she would have a beautiful new wig to cover her bare head. Yet the task still weighed heavily on her heart.

Finally, after a few hours, Anne picked up her shaver. She took one brush over her head. Then another. Finally her whole head was bare. Anne had done it. She had shaved her head. Quickly Anne put on her wig. She looked beautiful after all.

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