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Wig Terms Defined

Double drawn- These wefts have been trimmed on both sides, which means you are getting a weft with all hairs that are exactly the same length.

Extensions- Pieces of hair used to add length, fullness, color, or texture to natural hair.

Lace extensions- Think of this like a baseball cap that you are slipping over your head. It is a nylon mesh cap with the hair extensions attached. The cap has tiny holes, which your real hair is channeled through so the extensions are totally integrated into your own hair, producing the most realistic and undetectable look. The hair flows more naturally, and it is also more breathable for your head.

Non-Remy- This hair is multi-directional; there is no order to the ups and downs of these strands. Despite the fact that this can often cause tangling, non-Remy wefts' prices keep them among the most popular on the market. Tangle free non-Remys are available. These wefts have the cuticles and ends cut off, reducing, if not eliminating tangling problems. The same options of single or double drawn wefts is available in non-Remy form as well.

Remy hair- Virgin hair that has been colored or treated, but still includes the in tact cuticles (this keeps the strands from tangling and also keeps them healthier). The most impressive feature, though, found in Remy hairs is the fact that they are unidirectional. This means that all the hairs are setup in the same direction, all tips are on top and ends on bottom. Remy comes in single drawn or double drawn options. Single drawn is hair that is removed all at once, long and short alike. You get a variety of lengths in this weft, creating ponytail or layered look.

Synthetic hairs- are made from a variety of synthetic materials. These are not on par with human hair quality, but can often be made to look even more natural. Synthetic pieces are best used for one style that will not be changed. This is because using heating elements, such as a straightening or curling iron can damage the synthetic wefts. Synthetics are the preferred choice for braids and other styles that don't need to be altered constantly.

Virgin hair- This term is given to hair that has not undergone any chemical treatments. High quality hair weave extensions are made from virgin hair.

Weft- is something that is woven. In our case, these are pieces of hair woven together to form tracks, plates, or bundles of hair.

Yaki- This is a style of hair that is relaxed and smooth.

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