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Though there are several mail order catalogue wig stores and online wig stores, the best way to purchase a wig is at an actual wig store. A wig needs to be tried on in front of a mirror for fit, style and color.

Wig stores come in almost as wide a variety as the wigs themselves. For the serious wig wearer, that is, someone who is wearing a wig full-time, and not just for amusement, there are synthetic hair wig stores, human hair wig stores, and custom human hair wig store. Each type of store is specialized in its own area of wig manufacturing, and the quality increases with each one.

Then there is the whole gamut of novelty wig stores. Ethnic wig stores allow a person to step out of his own clothes and into an entirely new culture. Costume wig stores, clown wig stores, and doll wig stores open a world of entertainment and fun for the wearer and the observers. These stores cater to the needs of costume parties, children's birthdays, carnivals, and other similar types of events where good cheer and mirth is being spread. Celebrity wig stores and fashion wig stores are also good for costume parties, though some of these wigs will cost more than your monthly mortgage!

Then there are the wig stores that will sell what ever they can get their hands on. Many wig store outlets and discount wig stores care more about quantity and less about quality. This is fine if you are only purchasing a wig for a specific occasion, and don't mind throwing it out afterwards. These wig stores are actually preferred if you will be in a situation in which it is very likely that your wig may get ruined or lost, a St. Patrick's Day party, for example.

Wigs are a great way to liven up any group, and the perfect solution to a bad hair day. Browse the wig stores in your area, and find your new look today!

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