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Wig Stand

Did you ever hear of the Wiggy Wig Stand? This was a little stand that stood outside the park. But instead of selling hot dogs, cold drinks or pizza the wiggy wig stand sold wigs. Outside a park? Why should a wig stand be outside the park. You come to buy wigs to play not to buy wigs.

But no, this wig stand was different. It was also called the Ice cream wig stand. These were colorful wigs and stuck right to the top of them was a huge container of ice cream, bigger than any of the children ever got when they bought ice cream from an ice cream stand. In middle of the container of ice cream was a long straw that extended all the way down to the mouth so the children could drink up the melting ice cream.

Children loved the wig stand. Many children came to that specific park just because there was a wig stand there. There were so many choices of wigs and so many choices of ice cream, a child could spend his whole day just choosing what he wanted. The first thing children did when they arrived at the stand was run to the Wiggy Wig Stand. They would laugh as they saw all the funny wigs that the children chose. They would look jealously at the ice cream on top of the kid's head and wait impatiently for their turn.

But no body ever pushed at the wiggy wig stand. Mr. Wiggy the owner of the wiggy wigg stand had a rule, "whoever pushes doesn't get." Everyone knew that when Mr. Wiggy said something, he meant it. So nobody ever dared push.

There were other stands outside the park also. There was a hot dog stand, a "regular ice cream stand, and a pizza stand." But no children ever looked their way. They all ran straight to the wiggy wig stand and spent all their money there. The owners of the other stands were very jelous.

After they bought an ice cream wig from the wiggy wig stand, the children would run all around the park eating their ice cream while sporting their funny wigs.

Everyone agreed with the help of Mr. Wiggy and the wiggy wig stand, the park was a wonderful wiggy experience.

The truth is wigs are usually not sold in stands, but rather in stores. Often they are even sold in big stores such as department stores or malls. Occasionally, you'll find some kind of special wig (usually hand-made) at fears and carnivals.

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