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Buying a wig is no simple feit. It requires patience, guidance, and expertise. So while you may get lucky with a wig found in a catalogue or online, visiting your local wig shop will certainly produce the best results.

A wig shop has several professional hair stylists on staff who can help you make sense of the dizzying choices in styles, shades, and textures of hair. They can suggest different types of wigs that they think would be appropriate for your face and stature, and they will explain everything in terms that you can understand.

A wig shop gives you the flexibility to try on as many wigs as you want without any limitations. This enables you to make your final purchase confidently and satisfied.

Your local wig shop stylist can style your wig for you if it needs a touch up or if you are interested in a new look. Some shops will even give a complimentary wig styling with your purchase.

Another benefit of your local wig shop is the ready styled samples that they have around the store. Some of us don't have the imagination necessary to picture what a wig will look like when it's been dyed, styled, curled, blown or whatever else you choose to do with your wig. A real life example helps you see exactly what your options are.

The hair stylist in the wig shop can measure your head for the best wig fit. This is important because wig caps are not one size fits all. Stylists can also advise you as to what looks good on your head and with your face.

A wig shop is a more personal experience and it is even a good way to make friends- be sure, by the time you are finished with your purchase, you and your stylist will be best friends.

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