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Wig Fundamentals

Fundamental Information You Need To Know Before Buying A Wig.
So you're convinced! You want to buy a wig. Or probably more accurately, you are interested in buying a wig and that's why we picked up this little dissertation in the first place. Whatever the case is don't jump into anything too fast. When you talk about researching certain items you talk about finding out the slight nuances that distinguish one brand from another and the minor price differences involved. Not wigs! The ranges in quality are like night and day and even more so the prices. When you buy a wig you are treading on the delicate balance beam between your beauty and your pocket book and you better know what you are doing. Trust me! I bought a wig that I just wasn't satisfied with and I feel like I basically through a lot of money into the garbage.

New Ideology; New Vocabulary
Welcome to the wonderful world of wigs. You pick up a wig catalogue and they start talking about Remi Hair and French parts and you almost think the catalogue could have just as well been written in French itself. Wigs are a whole world unto themselves with their own terminology and their own ideology and you will have to learn it before you can even attempt to buy a wig.

The Ideology: Can man reproduce nature
I always marvel at the wonders of nature. Much as we try, there is just something about nature we can never capture. Fake flowers just never possess the freshness of real ones; Man Made Leather is never as comfortable as genuine leather; Computers never begin to come close to natural intelligence. And wigs just never look quite as nice as nice as real hair. There is just something so beautiful about natural hair growing from the scalp that can not be matched. For years, wig makers and designers have spent endless efforts trying to imitate natural hair. And though they will never quite reach it, they are getting better and better. Probably, the most common word used in wig advertisements is the word natural. Just know, the basic rule of thumb is that the price will be in proportion to its degree of naturalness.

The Vocabulary: Hair, Caps...
The two major components of a wig is the hair and the cap.

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