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Wig Cut Her Hair Short

It was hard to understand how anyone had time for the support group. It was called "The support group for busy mothers who do not have an extra second in their lives." How these mothers found a whole hour to come to the support group when they were so busy is still a mystery, but they said that they learned so many new time savings tricks that it was worth the hour.

One session, the group discussion was about going out looking disheveled because you don't have enough time to tend to your hair. Linda, the group leader suggested wearing wigs. All the busy mothers thought this was a great idea. But of course none of the mother had time to go out and buy themselves wigs. So the next session Linda brought a wig catalog and all the mothers picked out wigs for themselves.

The next session Linda asked how the wigs were working out. Many mothers complained that it took too long to get the wigs on. Stacy, one mother in the support group, said that she ended up leaving her house with her hair all pinned up because by the time she finished that her kids were out the door, and she had to run out and chase them. Caroline, another mother said she ran out with her wig half way on and half way off, her wig flopping in the wind. Joanne, a third mother said she practiced putting on her wig the night before and she saw it took too long so she didn't even try in the morning. And Margie, had the worst story of all. Her wig was still in the wig net. 'Maybe', Linda suggested, 'you should cut your hair short. Look at my hair', she showed them, 'I cut my hair short long ago so my wig slips right on. And I even had it styled so I don't look funny when I'm not wearing the wig.' None of the mothers were too keen on the idea. Although their hair did look quite awful at times, it was still their hair, and they did not want to part with it too quickly. But Linda was determined to have her ladies looking put together. She hired a hairdresser to come to the next session. "Who is going to be brave, and do what's best for herself and her children," Linda coaxed. Margie stepped forward first. The hairdresser cut her hair short, very short. Yet she had added a new step and bounce to Margie's hair too. The ladies began to seethat maybe Linda's idea was not so crazy after all. Next Caroline stepped up. The hair dresser cut her hair short. With her petite face and build, Caroline actually looked nicer in short hair than with the long unkempt pony she had previously donned. Stacy was next. The hair dress cut her hair short. Then Joanne came fourth. All the mothers followed suit, and before long all the mothers in "The support group for busy mothers who do not have an extra second in their lives," had short and stylish dos.

The next session all the mothers agreed that it had been much easier to put on their wigs and they felt much more put together. All the mothers were very thankful that they had attended the "The support group for busy mothers who do not have an extra second in their lives."

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