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Wig Application For First Time Wearers

Do you know how to wear a wig? While wig application and wearing looks natural and easy enough for anyone to do, that first attempt can be a bit overwhelming. Let's walk through the steps of wig application for first time wearers.

Whether it's a full, cap or a lace front wig, application is the same, though various companies may have slightly different combs, wire stays, or adjustable straps.

Here's how it goes:

  • Most wigs have two or three clips or combs sewn into the inner layer; one in the front and two on the sides. These will be used to anchor the wig to your head. Open all clips before placing on your head. If you have a center comb, use that as your starting point. Alternatively, find the brand tag, which is located on the back of the wig.
  • One you're holding the wig right side up, turn the wig over so the hair is falling down like an open flower and the net of the wig is like a bowl. Hold the bottom edge of the wig, and place this at the nape of your neck.
  • Bring the wig up and over your head and hair. Don't worry if it's not perfect, we'll fix it up.
  • Now you're going to make sure all your hair is inside the wig. Start from the back on the bottom (the nape of your neck), and tuck in any loose hairs, pulling the wig over as necessary. Move along your head, tucking as you go, now behind each ear, now the front of your brow.
  • Make sure wig is positioned evenly on your head by using the ear tabs behind each ear. A hair part can also help you determine proper positioning.
  • When you tuck in all the hairs around your ears, you can secure and close the clips on either side near the ear. Do the same for the front comb/clip if applicable.
  • Use the adjustable straps to tighten or loosen according to your comfort.

Try this a few times, and you'll be a pro. Wig application is really simple once you've gotten the hang of it. If you enjoyed this how to wear a wig tutorial, you can read more about wigs and wig care right here.

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