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Why Wear a Wig

A common debate among hair care hobbyists is why wear a wig when there are so many alternative methods to enhancing your natural hair. Some men and women are slightly inhibited about the fact that they wear wigs or shun the possibility of ever wearing one. They feel embarrassed as if wigs cheat the beauty system some how. In reality, beauty is an art just as any other, and there are many ways of accomplishing this feat. Besides, why is wig wearing any different than applying makeup or putting on a nice outfit and jewelry? An attractive wig is just another accessory used to enhance a look or style.

"But why wear a wig when I can dye, bleach or perm my natural hair?" Besides for being a good-looking addition to your wardrobe, wigs are a sensible alternative to other hair styling options because wigs do not incur the negative side effects common to alternative methods. Wigs preserve while other styles damage and destroy your hair. Styling agents such as hair dyes and bleach and styling procedures such as extensions, perms, and relaxants can cause untold damage to your hair, right down to the cuticle. Often this damage is irreparable, as it can penetrate the scalp and cause permanent damage to the hair follicles and scalp, as well. A few of the possible negative results of such hair treatments include: irritated scalp, stiff, dried out or dead hair that is difficult to comb, loss of natural shine, and frizziness. Additionally, hair also loses elasticity (and that natural bounce), has a harder time holding a style, color may lighten, curls may coil unevenly, and it may have a generally poor appearance.

Bleaching: One of the most damaging types of hair treatment, bleaching chemicals strip the cuticles of their natural pigments. It dulls the hair and weakens the follicles causing split ends and breakage.

Extensions: Hair extensions are one of the leading causes of non-genetic alopecia. This is a form of hair loss due to strain on the hair roots. The constant tension and weight being placed on the hair roots can cause devastating results for the victim.

Perms: There are two types of permanents (perms for short). One perm curls the hair and the other straightens it. A curl perm uses chemicals that dry out the hair. As a result, the hair can become brittle and even break.

Straight perm (also known as relaxing): Relaxing your hair breaks the hair proteins, and consequently, the hair becomes fragile. This is because the hair proteins are what make your hair strong and vitalizing and breaking them, obviously weakens your healthy hair. As an outcome of relaxing, hair will usually thin, and individuals can even lose their hair in specific areas or around the edges. The chemicals used can also burn the scalp painfully. Also, the results of a straight perm are often less than stick straight hair, which is a big disappointment for most people.

So why wear a wig over alternative hair treatments? Bottom line, wigs are the more effective and, more importantly, the safer choice in hair improvement techniques. With all the choices in wig alternatives, colors and styles available today, you can find just the right wig for you on any occasion. From formal events to everyday use, wig wearing is a fabulous choice in hair styling that you can take advantage of today.

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