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Close your eyes, and imagine the regal picture of a bride. A white dress with a fitted lacy top, which breaks loose into a hoop bottom pushed out by layers and layers of petticoat. Her make up just so, her jewelry glistening, and on her head sits the most exquisite updo. Flanking this do are curls gently brushing the sides of her face and cascading down back. Her hair dotted with beads and flowers. It's all so magical!

Congratulations! You've become a bride. You look forward to that special day quickly approaching. You are busy finding a wedding dress, hiring a makeup artist, and selecting the right jewelry. But one small detail breaks your heart- your hair. Your trendy, no worries, college days, short hair cut. It was the perfect style for you and your busy no time to breath lifestyle. But how could you have known then that Mr. Right was just approaching your doorstep? With only two and a half months to your wedding date (you've waited this long, why wait any longer), there is not enough time to grow your hair any sizable amount. What are you to do? Will you have to dance with that staid boy cut? You imagine showing your wedding pictures to your children and grandchildren and nearly faint at the thought. What will happen? What is going to be?

But then, it's your wedding day, and the bride always gets what she wants in the end. For this reason updo wigs were invented. Since updos are a stiff style by nature, even inexpensive updo wigs can look beautiful on a blushing bride. If you have the money, spend just a little more and you are guaranteed a stunning style. And no one has to know that it's not your real hair. Hairstylist can pull your front hairs out of your updo wig to create a seamless style that is out of this world.

By the way, brides are not the only ones who are entitled to updo wigs. Updo wigs are great for mothers of the bride and groom, sibling of the bride, and the brides' maids. Updo wigs are so simple, not much more money than having your own hair shaped into an updo, and are a whole lot easier to take down after a long night of dancing.

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