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Raw and Unstyled Wigs

Raw Wigs
Raw wigs are something like raw vegetables. Everyone know when you buy raw vegetables you can't just pull them out of the bag and eat them. They have to be washed and then peeled and prepared to your liking. Well raw wigs are just the same. You pull them out of the box all you see is a big glob of hair. Wearing it in this state is probably worse then wearing no wig at all! You'll need to have your wig cut and styled in order to be wearable. If you have a good hair stylist, a good imagination, very specific tastes in hair styles, and time to mess about with your wig a raw wig is probably right for you. Otherwise you are best off choosing one of the next options. Both synthetic and human hair wigs come in raw form. All custom and semi custom wigs come in raw form.  

Unstyled Wigs
Take one step up (or down) from Raw Wigs and you get an Unstyled Wig. You try this wig on and you actually look like something. There is a shape there and a bit of a style. But you will probably still need a hair stylist to finish up the style, trim the bangs, and make it fit your face.

Pre-Styled Wigs
I hate to turn you off, but pre-styled wigs is what my grandmother wears. She picks it up from the local department store, pulls it out of the box, puts it on her head, brushes a comb through it and she looks beautiful. Well, I wouldn't quite try her curly gray wig, but if you get the right style for you they can be a hassle free solution for anybody. They usually come in a box with a hairnet around it to keep it. It is not criminal, even here, to bring the wig to a hair stylist and have her give a snip here or there to fit your face better.

Most often it will be synthetics that are pre-styled. Human hair wigs that are pre-styled will probably still need slight finishing touches and will need to be reset once it is washed.

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