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Petite Wigs

Don't assume, just because you have a petite body that you have a petite head and need a petite wig. Nor vice versa. Head size and body size are usually unrelated. There are people with big bodies that need petite wigs and people with petite wigs that need large size wigs.

Petite wigs are for people with small circumference heads. Petite heads are often, but not always genetic so if one of your parents has a petite head and needs a petite wig there are much greater chances that you will need one too.

Petite wigs are very often suitable for children. Unlike body size, where aside from actual size the whole body shape of a child is different than an adult, a child's head shape is identical to an adult's just in smaller. Hence, petite wigs are great for children.

If you can not find a style in petite wigs that fits your child properly then it may be wise to try a special children's wigs company or department. These wigs are special, not so much in their size but in their styles. But as with everything don't get fooled. Companies make specialties so that you should think you need them specifically. If you can find a petite wig that your child likes and that looks good on her, it is just as good as a child's wig.

Petite wigs are also great for life size dolls. Though it may be a costly option for the dolls, life size dolls heads are usually the size of children's heads so petite wigs should be perfect.

Most petite wigs are not exclusively petite wigs but come in petite sizes as well as many other sizes. However some companies make special petite wigs with styles that specifically suit petite heads.

If you need a petite wig, your choices may be slightly limited but there are plenty of petite wigs around so you should still have quite a large variety to choose from. If your head is small enough you may even try some children's wig instead of a petite wig. But make sure the wig is not too Juvenile looking.

Some wigs are one size fits all, with an adjustable Velcro. If you are buying these wigs, you don't have to buy a petite wig, but can simply adjust it to the right size.

Good luck in buying your petite wig.

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