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Party Wigs

Want to be the life of the party? Why not try a party wig? Party wigs will make you stick out a mile away. First you have to decide what part to you want to play? Do you want to be the party clown? Why not get a funny party clowny wig? You can find colorful clown party wigs, curly straight clowny wigs, foil party clown wigs, beady clown party wigs…

But remember, only wear a clown party wig if you are prepared to clown around at the party. Want to act a bit more silly. Maybe a bit more childish as well. You can find a party wig featuring one of your favorite children's characters- say Ragady Ann, Elmo, Snow White. Still too childish for you? Perhaps a famous celebrity would fit the bill for your party wig a bit more. Say an Elvis Party wig or a Lucy Celebrity party wig. This will give you the opportunity to act more regal at your party. Another idea dress up like an old timer with a colonial party wig. Or dress up like a different ethnicity with an ethnic party wig. It is always a good idea to practice the part you want to play with your party wig dressed up in front of a mirror. If you feel you can not get the part right, maybe try a new part with a new party wig. Hey! It's not a coincidence that part is party without the "y."

Whatever you do remember the three steps required in Party wigs:

Decide the part you want to play

Dress up to that part

Practice playing the part of your party wig at home

Come to the party already dressed in your party wig full of spirit and spunk

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