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Motown Tress Wigs

It's quite unbelievable what you can learn, by simply investigating wig companies. Your learning experience far exceeds the simple questions- "what defines a good wig?" or are good wigs worth paying for?" You learn about history, meet new celebrities, and even enrich your vocabulary.

Well that's what happened when I came across "Motown Tress Wigs" company, a brand I am unfamiliar with. So the first question I ask when approaching any wig company is what does their name mean?

Wigs, I understand- quite well I may add. But what does Motown Tress mean?

My first bet is always a person. So I type in Motown Tress and see if any sites come up. Nothing. Next we investigate if these words have any wig related meaning. Sure enough defines Tress, as "A long lock or ringlet of hair," understandable enough for a wig company. So we have two words already. But we still have to tackle this Motown. Research teaches me that Motown is a large music company today that specializes in R&B, pop, soul music, and hip-hop music. This was started by an African American Berry Gordy, Jr in 1959. Like many companies, this company had a very humble beginning. It was located in Hisville, USA in the same place where Berry Gordy, Jr. lived, where Berry Gordy, Jr. produced his first recording. With time the music got more popular, and by now Motown is a giant music company.

Motown Tress Wigs are a quality wig company that primarily produce wigs for the African population. Contrary to their name, Motown Tress Wigs do not exclusively sell braid wigs, but have a large variety of styles.

Some of their styles included

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