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More Hair Replacements

Other Hair Replacements
Nobody wants that 'wiggy' look. And as we've been discussing, wig makers go through tremendous efforts to try to avoid it. The designed caps that look like your scalp, they use the most natural looking hair... But after all the efforts in the world, when someone gets close enough to you, they will simply be able to see that hair is just not growing out of your scalp.
If you have some hair - even a minimal amount- you can solve this problem by blending your hair with the wig hair. There are a number of different methods depending on how much hair you have and how much time and effort you are willing to expend.

Hair Integration System / Wiglets / Revlon Magic Hair Enhancers
Just because you don't have enough hair doesn't mean your hair is worthless. These hair integration systems are caps with spaces to pull your own hair through- for -of course- a more natural look. But naturally it is also very time consuming so be realistic before buying one of these pieces.

I remember once, when I was a child, meeting a cousin who had told me she wears wigs. I stared and stared at her, I was sure she was not wearing a wig. I saw the roots of her hair coming out of her head. I was quite confused until she explained it to me. She was wearing a 'Fall Wig.' The wig only started a few inches back. She had made a nice bump with her own hair in front of her wig. The wig line was nicely covered by a sleek headband so that it was impossible to tell that she was wearing a wig. Falls give all the benefits of wigs and still look perfect natural. The hairline of wigs can also be covered by headbands half ponies or hats.

Hair Attachments
Wigs, wigs, wigs... all very nice talk. But you don't want to wear a wig- you want different hair or maybe more hair. Well in this case a hair attachment would suit you well. This is a system of attaching new hair to your own existing hair, very close to the scalp so that it actually looks like the new hair is growing from your scalp. This system can be used to lengthen your hair, add body to your hair or give more hair to those suffering from hair loss. The process is delicate and it is only safe to have it done by a licensed professional. There are salons that advertise that they can add hair to people who suffer from up to 40% hair loss. Many different methods are employed for attaching the hair including glue, tape, wafts, weaving, and braiding. Some of these methods can further or cause hair loss, so it is important to find out exactly what your hair stylist does. As with wigs there are different choices of hair- with different levels of naturalness.

Hair Additions
We're still working along the same lines of hair attachments, but we are getting much simpler now. These are simple little pieces- synthetic ones can cost below $15 - which clip on to your hair. They usually come in ponytails, buns and braids which can easily be added to hair that is pulled together. Good quality additions can look very natural and be an easy cheap method of accessing new hair styles.

We got the cap or decided against it. We got the hair; we even got the two together already. Now we just have to get the wig onto your head. This is a minor detail but it is just as important. A wig that won't stay on your head won't be of much use at all.
Well, why would this be any different then any other details in the wig choosing process? There are a number of different choices

Special double sided tape is very comfortable and secure. To be used for daily removal.
Transpore Tape
Despite its name, this is actually not tape at all. It is a semi liquid wig adhesive which creates a stronger bond than tape and will last 3 to 5 days.

These come sewn into the underside of the wig. They clip to your hear and can be used for daily wear or longer

Extended Wear Bonding
Here the name is not misleading us at all. It is a bond that will last 3 to 6 weeks. Must be applied by a specialist trained in this procedure or results can be disastrous. Lasts 3 to 6 weeks.

A single tiny cornrow braid around the perimeter of the bald area. Acts as an anchor so that unit may be sewn in place.

For people suffering from hair loss and fear that other securing systems may pull out more hair, Dermafix may be the solution. This medical grade material will stick to your head without pulling out your hear.

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