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Mens Full Wigs

There was a store selling mens full wigs. These wigs were wigs that covered mens whole bodies from the top of their head to to bottom of their toes. But you got to remember that this was mens full wigs, not ladies full wigs. If it was ladies full wigs and you wanted to cover the whole body you would probably just take very very long hair. But when its mens full wigs, the normal mens wig is short. So it was enough short wig to cover the whole body.

What this mens full wigs maker did was he first took a normal wig cap and attached hair to it. Then he took a face mask and attached hair to it for the face part of the mens full wigs. The the mens full wigs owner took a shirt and attached hair to that. He was not quite sure what pattern to follow for although he had seen many mens full wigs before advertised search as he may he never found a shirt pattern for the mens full wigs. Nor did he find a pants pattern which was the next thing he did. He attached hair to the pants of his mens full wigs. And then you probably can guess it; he attached hair to the shoes of the mens full wigs. The mens full wigs maker made two of these mens full wigs. It took the mens full wigs maker so long to make these two mens full wigs that he did not have time to make anymore mens full wigs. He figured he would first try to sell his first two mens full wigs before he tried to make more. So that what he did.

He sat outside his little shop holding his two mens full wigs and he yelled "mens full wigs for sale, Mens full wigs for sale." But nobody came to buy any of his mens full wigs. The mens full wigs maker decided to model his mens full wigs. The mens full wig didn't quite fit him (he figured he must not be the right build for the wig, but he figured it would show the point.) He stood and he stood but nobody wanted any of his mens full wigs. Why didn't anyone want any of his mens full wigs. He could not understand. He had thought he saw someone else advertise mens full wigs. Was that person also unable to sell any of his mens full wigs?

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