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Scan the internet; look through catalogues; browse a wig store… Whether you are a male or female you will probably find female wigs much more interesting. There are so many different styles; such variation; so many lengths… Men wigs- you could hardly tell the difference between one and the next- at least in modern day wigs. So the bangs are brushed one way and that one a slightly different way. Or this one has a front lace so it really looks like that short hair is still growing from the man's head.

But men wigs is really a big and interesting topic. Men wigs are usually not "fashion wigs." Most men who have their own hair are not covering it or changing its style with a wig. It is the men who don't have hair or not too much of it that Men Wigs are for. It is the men experiencing hair loss. Hair loss is much more prevalent in males than females, and usually occurs at a much younger age?

What it the cause of male hair loss.

Males like females can suffer from hair loss for a number of reasons.

Telogen Effluvium- hair loss caused by stress such as high fever or rapid hair loss. Usually reversible

Hair loss caused by medicines such as chemo therapy- very often also reversible once stop medicine

Tightly braiding hair (common in African Americans

But the most popular hair loss in men is caused by Androgenetic Alopecia, also referred to as "male pattern baldness" because it is much more prevalent in men. 90% of men's hair loss is caused by androgenetic alopecia. This condition is usually genetic and is caused by a build up of dihydrotestosterone (or "DHT") which eventually kills the hair follicle. The pattern here, is usually a receding hair line or thinning of crown hair

Little can be done once the hair follicle is already killed. If a man notices the beginning of hair loss, there are certain medicines that can be helpful in keeping his still existing hair.

Rogaine- over the counter, has to be applied twice a day, most effective on keeping hairs on crown (top of head)

Propecia- need prescription, effectively keeps existing hairs and thickens hair. Take once a day; approximately $50 a month

It is also important to keep your hair and hair follicle clean and moist (with shampoos and moisturizing conditioners at all times.)

If none of these choices work or too much hair is already lost or a man is just finds all these solutions too much of a bother he may consider buying himself a couple of men wigs.

Men wigs are a quick and easy way to get a full nice hair of hair again with a nice and low hairline. Today, there are many choices of very natural looking wigs which can suit any man's needs. Human hair wigs look as good, if not better than a person's wigs. With the Multidirectional monofilament caps, individual hairs are knotted into the cap so they simulate the pattern of hair growing out of the scalp. Skin colored caps or Front Laces make the hair look like its growing out of the scalp so nobody has a clue that it is a wig an not your own hair.

But especially for men, even synthetic hair can be enough. Since men's hair is so short it will make no difference that the synthetic hair is a bit stiffer and doesn't bounce around enough. Another con of synthetic hair is that it can not be restyled but how do you restyle men wigs anyway?

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