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Is it good to be average? Well it depends in what of course. You really don't want to be have an average mind - you'd much prefer to be above average. Average height? Not bad. Average weight? Not terrible either though maybe you'd prefer to be a bit on the skinnier side. Average prettiness is not saying anything too great. Average capabilities- that's again going towards the derogatory side- though it is much better than below average capabilities. Average shoe side - well you certainly don't want to be too different in either direction or you'll have to have your shoes made to order. But you don't want to be the most common size either or you'll never have the shoes you like left to your size. Trust me, I've tried many a time.

Now what about average head size. Here, you've really striked it lucky. Medium Wigs are the easiest wigs to find. A large majority of wigs are Medium Wigs Size. Medium size wigs range between 21 ½ - 23 ½ in circumference. That means if your head is between 21 ½ - 23 ½ in circumference, lucky you and you will probably have quite an easy time finding yourself a medium size wig. Medium wigs are also known as Average wigs. And wigs aren't quite the type of item that runs out as often as shoes. Though they certainly do run out, styles are often not so different one from the next and wig makers are not scared of making a few extra. Especially when it comes to human hair wigs which are styled afterward, and can be made current at any time.

Just remember Medium wigs is only describing the hair. If they meant the length of the hair, it would say Medium length wigs. If it just says Medium wigs, it means the size of the wig which is the size of your head.

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