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Malaysian Hair Weave

Whether you call it the healthy hair weave, the Malaysian weave, pinch method, weave interlocking or the flexi-weave system, they all amount to the same thing; a healthier method of hair extensions. Though the procedure varies slightly from method to method, the main idea is to use a hair extensions application that will not cause harm to your natural hair. After all, if you think about it, it doesn't make much sense to damage your natural hair in the process. Many people wear hair extensions to let their natural hair grow out. So why would you want to use something that was going to dull, squelch, damage, or even permanently ruin your hair?

The Malaysian hair weave is a process by which the hair extensions are gently braided into the natural hair using no glue, bonding agents or tight braids. A thin thread is looped around a section of your natural hair for a smooth and imperceptible extension. Many people think they cannot have hair extensions applied because their hair is too short to be braided. Since most of the hair extensions methods out there use braids made from your natural hair to anchor the hair weaves this used to be true. The Malaysian weave, however, is an excellent choice for people whose hair is too short to be braided because no braids are necessary. A real professional can attach a weft to as little as 1/2" of natural hair in just a few minutes.

The new healthy hair weave provides the flattest weave out there. In some forms of this technique, a small amount of your natural hair is used as a foundation for the track, and most of your hair is worn down, which is why it's the healthiest and non-damaging (that and the lack of chemicals, heating elements and tension!) The stylist then makes a loose ponytail of the small section of hair taken from each side and ties the thread around the pony with a knot then loops it three or four times around the ponytail. About two inches of your own hair is then brought over the tracks so the extensions blend right in.

The bottom line is that your hair stays healthy because you are allowing the scalp to breathe. This process last 2-4 months and can take 1-3 hours for a full head. The costs vary depending on your location, amount of tracks needed and stylist's expertise, but will run anywhere from $500-$1200, though don't be surprised if you see this technique going for $1800.

Pros: light-weight, versatile, takes considerably less time to apply, easy to remove- just remove the rubber band and unravel the braid, no glue, no sewing, no fusion, no scalp or hair damage, and the best part is it doesn't hurt

Cons: $$$, it's a tough choice, but beauty seldom comes cheap

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