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Long Wigs

Long wigs are very expensive, especially in human hair wigs. Usually, you have to add money for every two inches of hair you have to add on more money. Be sure you really need the length. It's a waste to pay for the added length and then cut it off. But of course, remember it's even more expensive to find that your wig is too short and be forced to buy a whole new wig.

If you have nice hair long wigs can be gorgeous. Well brushed, long wigs can be stick straight shiny and absolutely eye catching

Long wigs can come in any color

Long wigs can be used as a quick way to grow hair. You can also use long hair attachments

Long hair wigs start from below shoulder length and extend down. The longest long wigs don't usually extend below the thighs. Make sure you clarify how long your long wig is.

If you change from a very short wig to a very long wig, you may have a hard time being recognized.

Long wigs have no connection to cap size. You can find Long wigs in petite wig sizes, in medium wig sizes, and in large wig sizes

Measure your height before you choose the length of your wig. A long wig will reach a further point on a short person' body than a tall person's body

Make sure you really like long wigs and aren't just getting it because your friend said its nice or its in style. If you don't like your long wig, you'll never wear it and it will be a big waste of money.

If you have a long wig, make sure you have a wig stand for long wigs or every time you put it on the wig stand it will get all creased, sweep the floor, and get all dirty.

If your long wig is made out of human hair it is probably very versatile and can be styled as you like. Long wigs can be tied together in ponytails, braided, put up in a bun or updo, permed, worn in a half pony, or even in pig tails. Long human hair wigs can often be parted on the side or middle though if it is too long, it may block too much of your face when worn on the side in which case it is best to wear it in the middle.

Long wigs also can make very expensive brooms. But they do work great.

Many wig sellers have specific sections so if you are positive that you want a long wig you don't have to waste your time looking through all the medium and short wigs.

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