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Big head had a head about three times the size of a normal head. But he was very stupid. People used to ask him how can someone with such a big head be so stupid. "What?" BigHead asked dumbly. He didn't quite comprehend the question.

Once Bighead decided he wanted to buy a wig. He went to the wig store to look for a wig to buy for himself. Well, he didn't realize that he was in the lady's wigs section. It didn't occur to him that a wig with long hair may be for a lady. Well anyway. He picked an orange wig. Why he wanted an orange wig when his hair is black nobody understands. He also didn't notice the little Petite label hanging from the wig. (Silly, there's a reason your called big head. There is no way a Petite wig will fit on your head.) Well BigHead was quite stupid and he did not quite understand that. He didn't even think of trying on the wig. So he bought the wig and came home and put it on his head. Well of course, what do you know- the wig wouldn't go on. 'I guess I need more then one wig BigHead decided and he went to the wig store and he bought himself another wig. (Maybe look for a bigger size Big head- no nothing doing. So big head bought another one of the same wig and pasted it together. It fit better, but still not perfect. So big head went and bought himself another wig- Ahh. Now the wig fit him all right all right. Big wig walked around proudly displaying his large size wig. To most people it looked more like a tree then a large size wig. It was just another sign of how stupid BigHead was, but he did not even realize.

How should someone get a large size wig if they have a large size head?

First measure your head to decide how large your head is. You must determine if you need a normal large size wig or a custom large size wig.

How to measure your head

When measuring your head for a wig there are usually three different measurements you need. For convenience let's name them: Head Circumference, front to back, and ear to ear.

Head Circumference

You have to measure the circumference of the largest part of your head. Take a measuring tape, and hold it at your hairline. Then pulling it smoothly around (make sure not to stretch the cord) pull it behind you ear, then along your nape (where your neck meets your head and bends; about one inch below the occipital bone at the base of the skull.) up behind your other ear and back along the hairline to meet your starting point. Write down the measurement or you will probably forget it.

Front to back:

Here we are going from the front of the hairline to the nape (where your neck meets your head and bends; about one inch below the occipital bone at the base of the skull.) Take the measuring tape and line the front up with the front of your hairline. Then pull it over your head and follow the curve of your head until you reach the nape. Write this measurement as well.

Ear to Ear

This reminds me of a huge smile that goes from ear to ear. But now we are going around your face the other way. Place the tape measure in front of one ear at the place where the hair line ends. Take the tape measure up over your crown until the same point at the other ear. Write this measurement down.

If your head circumference is 23-25 inches, your front to back meausurment is up to 15 3/4 and your ear to ear measurement is 14 then you are average large and you can fit into a normal large size wig. If you are bigger than that, sorry but your only hope is a custom large size wig made to fit your head.

Or of course you can use the type of large size wig BigHead used.

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