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Ladies Wigs

Here is a list of ladies wigs with their style descriptions:

Bob Cut - A short straight blunt cut either with bangs or with the hair parted and laying over the face. The length could vary from ear length to below chin length.

Locks of Curls - Hair grouped in large bunches and curled into beak slinky like curls. Can not be natural but can only be done with rollers

Spiral Curls - Hair curled into slinky like curls of any size

Waves- the hair is in between straight and curly. It bends back and forth into a curly fashion but never actually curls.

Curled Under - the bottom of the hair is curled towards your face

Flipped out or a flip - the bottom of your hair is curled away from the face

Finger-style - Along the whole length of the hair (often very short) the hair is gathered in little bunches with a slight flip. Looks like took your fingers and separated hairs

Layers - Hair cut in different lengths. Starting from most outer hairs that are cut shortest and going till most inner hairs that are cut longest. The cut can all around the circumference of head.

Shag Layers - Filled with uneven angles and layers all over. Gives a "messy on purpose"look

Straight layers - All the layers are blown in the same direction

Scrunched hair - Generally a curly wig style where gel is applied and then the hairs are literally scrunched together to give them more body and texture

Soft layers - layers blend together smoothly

Sharp layers - Layers very visible

Angled sides - the sides are cut on an angle. They are cut shortest near the face and then extend in a triangle to meet the longer back hairs.

Tapered sides - the sides are cut on an angle. They are cut shortest near the face and then extend in a triangle to meet the longer back hairs.

Spikes - Angles are not cut smoothly, but each small group of hair comes to its own points. Very often the ends of the spikes are sprayed to a point

Nape - the little piece that extends down the neck on very short cuts

Tapered Nape - the back hair is cut in a triangular form so it gently turns into the nape (the little piece that extends down the neck on very short cuts)

Boy cut - a ladies very short cut with side burns

Pony - the back of the hair is pulled together with an elastic or a clip

Wiglet - wig worn as a hair addition rather than cover up

Feather Cut - the top hears all cut in slightly different lengths to give more bulk to the top. Gives a slightly wild look at top

Wedge Cut - neatly tapered bottom layers and back, usually with bangs and chin length sides.

Sparse Bangs - few bangs just to add some hair to forehead

Wispy Bangs - Bangs are not cut full so each individual bang stand out alone

Full Bangs - entire forehead is covered with full layer of bangs

Side Bangs - longish bangs are pushed to the sides

Bouncy - full with a lot of body. Extends out

Wild - often implies long and either very curly or hair going in multiple directions

Side Sweep - just means hair is pushed to side. Any amount can be side swept. It can be just bangs or all hair swept to one side

Height - any form of bulk on top of your head.

Textured layers - the layers are curled separately so each could be seen

Tousled top - the top hears stand up in all different directions

Razor Shaping - cut with a razor for tapered effect

Page Boy - a very simple hair cut which has bangs and the rest of the hair is cut very straight up to shoulder length.Pompadour- Hair pushed up from forehead

Dreadlocks - long thin braids or locks of hair coming from scalp

Braid - When hair is divide into groups and weaved together in a brai

French Braid - the braid starts from the top of the head. A small amount of hair is taken for the first link of the braid each link a bit more hair is added until all the hair is joined and then it continues like a regular ponytail

French Twist - The hair is gathered together like a ponytail. Then above the elastic band divide the hair into two and twist the ponytail over itself and through the hole you formed.

Bun - when the hair is gathered together and twisted around itself just like a cinnamon bun. Buns can lay on the top or the back of the head

Updo - Similar to a bun the hair is gathered together. However Updos usually imply more fancy styles where the hair on top is curled, set in flowers or the like. Many times curled tendrils and locks are left hanging on the sides and the back.

Tendrils Hair that is pulled out of a ponytail or updo hanging on the cheeks and jaws area

Pig Tails - the hair is divided by a mini part and two ponytails are made- one on each side. Looks very cute on children

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