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Jacquelyn Wigs

Jacquelyn wigs has a large variety of quality wigs.

They start at custom Jacquelyn wigs which will be fitted to your head. Generally Jacquelyn custom wigs are produced from the finest European hair and skin colored monofilament tops, but since they are being customized you can choose the materials

Jacquelyn Wigs also produces a full line of European texture Human hair. These are out of the box wigs that are made from the finest European hair. Human hair wigs look the most natural, and are most responsive to change. Hairlife Human hair blends is Jacquelyn Wigs special name for their human blend wigs. These wigs have the qualities of human hair wigs but are diluted with some synthetic hair to reduce the price and help the wigs maintain their styles. Advanced Synthetic Elura wigs, are synthetic wigs, which due to new technology look unbelievingly natural. These keep their styles better that human hair wigs but do not respond well to major change. Jacquelyn Wigs has also produced a new African American Collection of wigs. These are wigs expressly suited to the styles and textures of African American hair. Jacquelyn Wigs also sells a line fifty plus wigs for woman who are over fifty but still feel young

Jacquelyn wigs also sells a whole array of special Jacquelyn Wig accessories including Jacquelyn Wigs shampoo, Jacquelyn Wig boxes, Jacquelyn Wigs color rings, Jacquelyn Wigs wig brushes and combs, sissors, wig stands, chin straps, clamps, mirrors, and turbans.

Sellers of Jacquelyn Wigs

Ace Wigs

Large variety of Jacquelyn Wigs

You can also visit Jaquelyn Wigs store is Boro Park New York

15 West 37th Street 4th Floor

New York, New York 10018

Toll-free: (800) 272-2424


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