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Irish Wigs

There are mainly two types of Irish Wigs. There are Irish Dance wigs that Irish children and dancers wear to performances and feis (pronounced "fesh ) which are dance competitions.

Irish Dance wigs

There are many different styles of these Irish wigs but the theme of all these Irish wigs are that they are curly and high. Full Irish Dance Wigs are full of curls that go around the head. The type of curls vary. There are Irish dance wigs that are filled with locks of curls; Irish dance wigs that are filled very tight curls and Irish Dance wigs that are filled with slightly looser curls. The lengths of these Irish wigs also vary from very short to below shoulder length. Most of these types of Irish Wigs are worn with a bit of the person's own hair sticking out and then a colorful tiara matching to their costume.

There are also some less full Irish Dance wig attachments. These Irish wigs are curly updo wigs or pony tail wigs. The person own hair is gathered together and then these wigs cover the pony tail or wig. Again the degree of curliness varies in these Irish Wigs. Often silver Tiaras are worn with these type of Irish Wigs.

Children usually dress up for their feis (pronounced "fesh ) which are their dance competitions in their Irish Dance Costumes.

Online Irish Dance Wig Sellers

Irish Dance Shop

Bunny Irish Wig - Curled curly irish dance updo. Most wear with Tierra

Shirley Irish Wig- For girls 4-8 Full of locks of curls all around the head

Kayla Irish Wig - Curly dence wig wig (along the line of afro wig buy not quite) Split Ringlet reduces swetting and makes less curly.

The Celi Company

Traditional Banana Curl Bun Cover- Locks of curls tied together to be attached to back of hhair

Irish Dance Wig Tight Curl

Tight curls extend to slightly above shoulder Length

Irish Dance Wig Loose

Looser curls extend below shoulder length

St. Patrick Irish Wigs

The theme of St. Patrick is green. Companies usually call their green wigs St. Patrick Irish Wigs. St. Patrick Irish wigs can be any green or green and white wig.

Online sellers of St. Patrick Irish Wigs

Party Stuff Online

St Patricks Supporters Wig -curly afro wig half white and half green


Green Pop Wig- Green curly Irish afro wig

Green Glitter Shamrock Head Boppers- Head band with two St Patrick light up leaves on antennas.

Green Tinsel Wig

Gold Tinsel Wig

The Joke Shop

Green Curly Wig

Neon Green Hair Spray

Short Green Crinkle Tinsel Wig

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