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Irish Dancing Wigs

Do an Irish dance with the Irish Dancing wig. Let's go. Pick up one food pick up two. Hop about. Skip with your partner. Do and Irish folk dance with your Irish dancing wig. Keep the Irish Danicing Wig on your head some more. And again. Pick up one foot pick up two. The Irish Dancing wigs will help you dance dance dance to the Irish dancing beat. The Irish Dancing beat - lets go dance dance dance again. Keeping Irish Danicing Wigs on your head. Like the real Irish ladies. Dancing Dancing Dancing all the time. With the Irish Dancing wigs strong on your head. Just like the Irish ladies. Do the dances fine; do them nice; Do them gracefully, constantly keeping the Irish Dancing wigs on your head the whole entire time. The Irish Dancing wigs must not fall off your heads. For if they do, you will not be a proper Irish woman with the Irish Dancing wigs on your head. The Irish dancing wigs. The irish dancing wigs; the irish dancing wigs; the Irish dancing wigs must stay on your head all along. They must they they must stay on your head. Don't let the Irish Dancing wigs fall off your head.

And dance some more with your Irish Dancing Wigs still there.

Yes be a real irish men or Irish girl with your Irish Dancing Wig while doing an Irish dance.

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