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Instructions For Washing Wigs

Instructions For Washing Wigs

  1. Using a wig brush or comb brush out wig.
  2. Fill up a bowl, basin or sink with lukewarm water.
  3. Dissolve a capful of shampoo. (For better cleansing add a tablespoon of baking soda. This will work for laundry as well when you ad it to laundry detergent.) Aside from the shampoos and conditioners you use, the process for washing human wigs and synthetic wigs is basically the same.
  4. Dunk wig in water or swish it constantly moving in one direction for 2-3 minutes to prevent knotting. Do not scrub! Rinse well with lukewarm water.
  5. Dissolve a capful of conditioner and repeat step 4
  6. Gently squeeze excess water- Do not ring out!
  7. Then lay down flat and pat on towel
  8. Hang on wire wig stand.

Synthetic Wigs:

Gently rearrange wig into desired style. This should not be difficult because synthetic wigs maintain their style even after being washed. If you would like to do a major restyling job you can brush the wig while it’s wet and put in rollers. Remember never use heat.
Human Wigs: Starting from the top (but not too close to the roots) brush down smoothly. You can blow dry it (don’t use too much heat) or put in rollers and let dry.

Hand tied & Monofilament tops – Special Instructions

According to some wig stylist the previous method of dunking wigs into shampoo water can loosen the knots of Hand tied and Monofilament wigs. They suggest another method for these wigs.
  1. Comb out wig
  2. Mix shampoo with cool water in a jug or pitcher
  3. Turn wig inside out (to protect knots) and pour some shampoo through the top of the wig
  4. Turn back right side up and poor the rest of the shampoo on the hair. Work shampoo through hair, but be careful not to rub cap
  5. Rinse using the same method
  6. Pour a spoonful or two of conditioner into a 10 oz. spray bottle. Fill the rest with water. Spray on wig and let sit
  7. Rinse using same method as step 4

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