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Human Hair Blend Wigs

There was once a major debate held in the greater wig industry. This debate was held between the human hair wig makers and the synthetic hair wig makers. Each side joined together and chose one representative who would argue his side's case. The human hair wig makers chose a famed human hair wig maker by the name Natureal. The synthetic hair wig makers chose the head of a huge synthetic hair factory named Syncheep.

Before the debate both sides made a big meeting with their representatives to discuss their defenses. Finally the big day of the debate arrived. Both Natureal and Syncheep were very confident that they would win the debate.

Syncheep was sent up first. "So lets here your opening remarks," the judge hairyou announced. "I declare," Syncheep began, "the human hair makers are pure highway robbers and they are guilty of false advertisement the world. They drive people bankrupt and claim that people need their wigs in order to look nice. People have to take out loans and go into dept just to afford one of those human hair wigs. I agree, that human hair wigs may look a little nicer then synthetic hair wigs but synthetic hair wigs can also make people look beautiful for a mare fraction of the price. There is no reason to convince people who can not afford it that they need a human hair wig."

"Thank you, said judge hairyou. Now lets hair the open remarks from the human hair side, represented by Natureal."

Natureal went up to stage. Two ladies followed closely behind. I want to show you these two ladies Natureal began. Is there any one in the audience who can not identify which lady is wearing a human wig and which is wearing a synthetic. Come on, it's so obvious. The human hair wig looks like hair and the synthetic just doesn't. It looks fake. How can you tell someone you are selling them a hair replacement when what you are selling them looks nothing like hair. Plain an old trickery. When someone buys a human hair wig from us they can be sure that they will look nice and they will look almost like they are wearing hair on their head- not some straw."

"Thank you," said Judge Hairyou. Now lets ask some questions. The first question is, "Many people turn to wigs for their convenience. Do you think your wig fits the bill. Syncheep, please answer first."

Syncheep: "Possibly one of the most outstanding features of a synthetic wig is its convenience. Synthetic wigs hold their style and their curls very well, even after being washed. Only slight brushing is required when putting it on, if that. Synthetic owners can wash their wigs by themselves, hang them to dry, and then put them back on their head. As a matter of fact, it is better not to brush your synthetic wig while it's wet unless you are looking for a style change."

Natureal: "Though, admittedly our wigs do require care, they are certainly much more convenient then real hair. These wigs can be removed before going to bed or doing other hair - dangerous activities so you don't mess them up. Although they do need styling from time to time and certainly after washings, they can be styled in advance. They can also be dropped off at a wig salon and styled there without holding you up.

Hairyou: "Thank you. Now for the last question. Let's say the style changes. Can your wigs adjust to the new styles."

Syncheep: "Although it is possible to restyle our wigs it is not so easy. Most people can't do it themselves and need an experienced wig stylist for the task. Even for an experienced wig stylist there is only a limited number of possibilities. Heat can not be used with our wigs, as it can melt the hair. Our wigs keep their color very well, but they can not be recolored easily. However, the benefit of our wigs are that they are so cheep you can just go and buy a new one. Say the style goes from short to long- no wig can grow longer. It would take quite a while even to grow your own hair so long. However, you can easily buy a new synthetic wig with hair as long as you want it."

Natureal: "If you would be able to restyle your own hair, you can restyle your wig. Since our wigs are made out of hair they react as nicely as hair and can be restyled easily. Whatever you can do to hair, feel free to do to your wig. Blow dry it, put in rollers, die it, whatever your heart desires and whatever the style dictates. Human hair wigs can withstand perms and relaxings."

Hairyou: "Thank you so much. Give us a few minutes while our panel of judges vote on a winner."

The panel of judges argued and argued. Both had such good arguments no one could decide which one was better. Each had tremendous benefits and tremendous draw-backs. Then one brilliant judge had an idea.

"Why don't human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs team up together. If they would create a wig with some human hair and some synthetic hair the wig would have all the benefits of both." Everyone loved the idea and human hair blend wigs were born. Human blend hair wigs are created with different percentages of human and synthetic hair. Human hair blend wigs look very nice, yet are not as expensive as human hair wigs. Human hair blend wigs have the quality of maintaining their style like synthetic wigs, yet they can be restyled like human hair wigs. Best of all human hair blend wigs settled the great debate between human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs.

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