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How to Make a Wig

Did you ever do a hook rug? Well wig making is quite similar - except you are working with much finer material.

The pattern is not a picture like you buy on the hook rug. It is a very thin lace that will be shaped like a head. How do we get this shape? First the measurements of the client are taken. These measurements are marked on a wooden head called a wig block. The net cap of the wig is formed around that.

Next the hair has to be collected. Any artist knows that you don't usually buy the right paint in the store. You have to mix many paints together until you get the precise color that you need. Hair is the same thing, you mix many different pieces of hair from many different people until you get exactly the right color with exactly the right highlights.

It is a good idea to try the cap on and make sure the hair color is good before proceeding. If either of those two aspects are not good the whole wig will have to be remade (and that can take a lot of time.)

Next is the ventilating step. This is exactly the same as doing a hook rug. You stick the needle through the net. Then latch on to a few hears ( the fewer the hairs the better the quality of the wig) and pull the hear into the loop. Hold onto the hair and pull the knot tight.

Start from the neck and work your way around and around until you complete the wig. The top and front of the wig has to be done much more carefully going in all directions (so you have a multi-directional wig that looks more natural.) and only making single knots.

After the wig is completed try it on again. Then, part, cut and style the wig.

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