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How to Make Your Own Wig

Most people are surprised to know how easy it is to make your own wig. Making your own wig offers many benefits including custom fit, specific style tweaks all your own, and a more comfortable and better quality wig. When you make your own wig, you choose the color, style and fullness of the wig, as well. This ensures that you are getting a wig that is perfectly suited to you. Finally, when you make your own wig, you are actually saving money, more often than not, because wigs can start at $25 and go up to the thousands. So whether you are looking for a fun costume wig for your next masquerade party or want to try a new hairstyle in a non-committal fashion, learn how to make your own wig and walk away happy.

Here are the basic steps for how to make your own wig:

  • Plan it out and buy your supplies (see supplies list below). Know what style you are going for and then buy accordingly. If you want a longer or fuller wig, you are going to need to get more hair than you will for a shorter style. Also decide if you would rather glue or sew the wefts into the cap. Both methods work, it is just a matter of preference.
  • You can either sew in the loose hairs (for a more realistic and quality look) or glue wefts to the cap (for a faster and easier method that also looks good).
  • Place cap on your head for sizing. Cut off about half the extra netting (cutting too much off will make the net too tight and uncomfortable to wear). Sew the hole closed securely and place onto your working head. (Note: some caps are made to fit and this step is unnecessary.)
  • Use pins to secure the cap to the Styrofoam head.
  • Start from the nape of the neck and work around with the needle/glue and up with the wefts. You can and should tack down the ends to ensure that the weft is straight.
  • Cut the weft once you've reached the end of your row and repeat for all consecutive rows.
  • End off each row slightly overlapping the previous row, though not actually on top of the row, rather offset a drop.
  • If using glue, let the hair dry for several hours (3-4 minimum).
  • Add embellishments as necessary. Cut, style and color it as you wish.
  • NOTE: If using synthetic hair, do not use heating elements, as this will ruin the hair.

Supplies list:

Cap ($1-2)

Styrofoam head ($5)

Loose packs or wefts of hair (AVG: $5-20/pack)

Bonding glue/glue gun or I and C needles and thread

Any additional perks (hair dye, embellishments, rhinestones, butterflies etc.)


- Place parchment paper under the wig cap so the glue/needle doesn't stick to the head.

- Take hair out of the package and lay it out according to how you will be attaching it to the cap for a quicker and less complicated process.

- When sewing the weft above the ears, sew all the way around and end off above the eye.

- Bangs should be done last.

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