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Hottest Brand Name Wigs

From Raquel wigs to Revlon, brand name wigs are now available in loads of styles, and for less than you'd imagine. But you don't just want a label. If you're looking for quality name brand wigs, check out our latest brand name wigs reviews below.

Adolfo Wigs- If you're looking for the classic look, Adolfo is the right address. Short and classical cut wigs are what you'll find from this company. Adolfo does have a few curly and voluminous styles, as well, but their real expertise is the Monaco-type look.

African American- Beverly Johnson and Motown Tress fall under this larger name. Wigs from these companies are of good quality, and come in lots of choices. The best part is that they are inexpensive yet quality name brand wigs. For $30 you can get a Motown Tress, and, happily, look quite natural.

Amore- These brand name wigs go for higher pricing, but also offer better quality. Rene of Paris, which is the same company, has good quality for lower prices. These wigs are known for their ultra light design (that's actually one of their product lines), and are blissfully breathable. The moveable part, comfort, and ease of use are all selling points for this top name brand.

Estetica- Estetica, while popular, is one of the lower end name brands. You can get an Estetica for $60. The real question that begs asking is how real do they look? Most would say they're not the most natural-looking wigs, but you can get away with it. Estetica offers many business styles and short trendy looks. Monofilament caps provide an even more natural look with a seamless scalp color and individually hand-tied strands.

European Naturals- European Naturals fall towards the bottom rung of the wig ladder. However, these wigs are great for trying out different styles because you can get a lot of hair for a little money and play around with it until you've found what you like (or cut it beyond styling!) Best described as affordable styling option, European Naturals are a great buy for your money, as long as you don't need it to last forever.

Gabor- Rich, attractive and vibrant colors signify Gabor wigs have arrived. Graduating shades of color, blends, and highlights make Gabor wigs realistic and as natural as they come. Gabor has tweaked their classic styles to bring out a whole slew of new and exciting collections. Gabor wigs are lauded for their caps- so light and comfortable, you might even forget you're wearing a wig.

Henry Margu- Despite the price tags and French title, Henry Margu wigs are voted as just being on the higher end of ok. Costing $120-$230 or more, some of these wigs are very good. Margu wigs are famous for their vibrant colors. If you're looking for rich and vivid, search no more.

Incognito- (by Henry Margu) Incognito is for the kid in all of us. These fun a fanciful wigs are not meant to be realistic or natural, just out to have a good time. Transform an average day or event into an exciting escapade with an inexpensive Incognito.

Jon Renau- Jon Renau enjoys a reputation for thorough product lines and quality items across the board. Browse the large array of accessory items also available from this design brand name wigs company.

Louis Ferre- Louis Ferre wigs start at $120 and the prices keep climbing. Don't be alarmed though, as so does the quality. These brand name wigs offer pleasantly natural look and feel. Their long standing commitment to research and quality have given them one of the best names in the business for several decades, and are currently considered among the world's most fashionable wig brand names.

Noriko- Noriko was voted one of the favorites by consumers. From $110-$190, Noriko focuses on the highlights and shape of the wigs. They offer nice, quality wigs that are comfortable and easy to work with.

Pierre of California/ Wigs by Pierre- This brand has some really nice pieces (though they seem to be running on a low budget based on the limited amount of clothing for their models). P. of California offers flair and style, some that won't be found anywhere else, but beware. While you can find some Pierre's for little more than $60, others will run you over a thousand bucks!

Put on Pieces- If you're in a hurry or constantly on the go, Put on Pieces is for you. Fashionable and easy to use, Put on Pieces are available in a wide variety of styles and colors, and are made from top quality simulated fibers.

Raquel Welch- Welch wigs are not cheap, starting at $110 and going up to $600, these wigs will cost you. You are getting what you pay for, though, as Raquel Welch wigs are all high-end quality, comfortable, stylish, and bombshell colors. Just what you'd expect from a Raquel Welch company

Revlon- (Tress Allure, Alan Eaton)- Starting at under $100 and going just over you can get a variety of colors and styles made of exceptionally good quality. Natural look and easy handling, Revlon wigs are loved by nearly everyone who owns one.

Tony of Beverly- Tony wigs start around $65 and go up. These are not the greatest quality wigs you'll find, but they are good for occasional wear, and some of the longer wigs are more realistic than your average low-end wigs.

Some other popular brand names include Aspen, EassiHair, Nalee and Imagination.

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