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Half Wigs

Did you ever hear the statistics? The average American family has 1 and a half kids. I've always had many questions about these statistics. First, 'if every family has one whole kid and one half kid, there should be as many half kids in the world as whole. How come, I have seen so many whole kids throughout my life, and have never met a single half kid?'

'And even more so,' I wondered. 'When did Americans start having half kids?' Because if this whole business started more then twenty years ago, there should by now be a lot of half adults walking around the world. And them I've certainly never met.

Then I started wondering, 'what kind of children do half adults have, do they have whole children or half children?' Because if they have children, and they also follow statistics, logic says that they should have one half child and one ¼ child or maybe just a ¾ child, I'm not sure. Well I haven't met a single ¼ child or a single ¾ child.

But I put all those questions aside. I know the chances are very slim, but still possible that it just happens to be that all the people who I met were the whole people. But my biggest question of all, given my association to wigs, was what happens when one of these half people wants to wear a wig? I thought maybe this was a new niche where I could start a "half wig" business for these half people. I knew I would have to get in touch with some of these half people, but I figured that would be minor deal once I had my whole idea worked out. I dreamt about expanding my "half wig" business to add on a ¼ wig business or a ¾ wig business which ever the half people's kids turned out to be.

First, I knew, I had to find out how these half people were cut in half. For half wigs would only be applicable if they were cut in half vertically. I figured they must cut vertically since which part could they be missing. I reasoned, they might be missing the bottom part and could not walk anywhere and that's why I never met them. But I thought the chances of that were slim. How would they go shopping, make a living, or have fun if they did not have their bottom part. They couldn't have just their bottom part because they would never be able to see, eat or even breathe.

I decide half people must be cut vertically. That means they have one eye, half a nose and half a mouth, one hand and one leg. I knew it still must not be very easy for these half people to get around, so it was still a good explanation why I never saw them.

So now we had to figure out how to create a half wig with hair only falling down on one side. I went to the store and cut it in half. There, that looked like an excellent half wig.

My next challenge was figuring out how one of these half people could put on their half wig with one hand. I attached a small comb to the cut edge of the half wig. I tried it and it worked. You hold onto the wig with one hand stick the comb into your hair and then still holding the half wig, pull it to the other side. I had my half wig all complete.

Now, I just had to find the half people to sell my wig to. I looked high and I looked low. I called all the names in the phonebook asking if they knew any half people. None of them did. I walked up and down the street, in and out of stores asking everyone I met if they knew any half people who would be interested in my half wigs. All of them just gave me these queer looks and shook their head no. I could not understand why no one had ever met a single half person. How could I sell my half wig if I could not find a single half person? I flew all over, thinking maybe the half people live in this place or maybe in that place, but I just could not find any half people.

Finally I just gave up. I was sorry about my half wig business. 'Next time,' I decided. I will find the people before I invent something for them.

Now for a more serious dissertation on half wigs

Other Hair Replacements

Nobody wants that "wiggy" look. And as we've been discussing, wig makers go through tremendous efforts to try to avoid it. The designed caps that look like your scalp, they use the most natural looking hair...But after all the efforts in the world, when someone gets close enough to you, they will simply be able to see that hair is just not growing out of your scalp.

If you have some hair - even a minimal amount - you can solve this problem by blending your hair with the wig hair. These wigs, we call half wigs. There are a number of different types of half wigs depending on how much hair you have and how much time and effort you are willing to expend.

Hair Integration System / Revlon Magic Hair Enhancers®

Just because you don't have enough hair doesn't mean your hair is worthless. These "half wig" hair integration systems are caps with spaces to pull your own hair through- for -of course- a more natural look. But naturally it is also very time consuming so be realistic before buying one of these pieces.


I remember once, when I was a child, meeting a cousin who had told me she wears wigs. I stared and stared at her, I was sure she was not wearing a wig. I saw the roots of her hair coming out of her head. I was quite confused until she explained it to me. She was wearing a "Fall Half Wig." This half wig only starts a few inches back. She had made a nice bump with her own hair in front of her wig. The half wig line was nicely covered by a sleek headband so that it was impossible to tell that she was wearing a wig. Falls give all the benefits of wigs and still look perfect natural. The hairline of the fall half wigs can also be covered by headbands half ponies or hats.

Hair Attachments

Wigs, wigs, wigs… all very nice talk. But you don't want to wear a wig- you want different hair or maybe more hair. Well in this case a "half wig" hair attachment would suit you well. This is a system of attaching new hair to your own existing hair, very close to the scalp so that it actually looks like the new hair is growing from your scalp. This system can be used to lengthen your hair, add body to your hair or give more hair to those suffering from hair loss. The process is delicate and it is only safe to have it done by a licensed professional. There are salons that advertise that they can add hair to people who suffer from up to 40% hair loss. Many different methods are employed for attaching the hair including glue, tape, wafts, weaving, and braiding. Some of these methods can further or cause hair loss, so it is important to find out exactly what your hair stylist does. As with wigs there are different choices of hair- with different levels of naturalness.

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