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Hair Extensions

Background & History

Hair additions have been in existence as far back as the early nineteen hundreds. As a matter of fact in the 1920s when bouffant hair styles were of high style, hair additions were extremely common.

The most modern type of hair additions is the hair extension. This is the finest kind of hair addition, in which, using different methods, the hair is actually woven together with a person's hair for a perfect blend.

When hair extensions were first invented, they were basically reserved for the rich, the only ones who could afford it. African American's were the next to adopt this new hair style, in their constant quest to find new ways to manage their coarse hair. By now, the trend has become much more widespread. The method is used by teens seeking longer hair, older people trying to replace their thinning hair, and even for people who just want to change their hair for some special occasion.

Victoria Beckham, a celebrity, who frequently appeared in magazines, is credited for the spread of the style. She used hair extensions to significantly change her look from day to day, by changing the length, style and hair color of her hair extensions.

Customer Information

Like wigs, the hair of hair extensions can be made out of many different materials ranging from fake synthetics to beautiful natural European hair.

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If you are having any hair extension besides for the "do it yourself clip on method," it is important to have your extension performed by a qualified and experienced "hair extension stylist." This is important most importantly for your safety, as well as the health of your hair and the quality of the results.

In order to assure that your hair stylist is qualified, ask if she has a license. It also recommended to ask for a couple references and to see a few samples of hair extensions that she has done, either with life samples or before and after pictures. If you know others who have had good hair extensions, you can also ask them for recommendations.


There are two types of hair weaves

Individual Strands
Separate hair method of human hair weave. The separate hair method is when 20-30 strands of hair at a time are attached at a time. While this method has more potential to look natural then the next the attachment methods can be more damaging.

There are many different mediums for attachment of human hair weave but they all result in the same ending. Usually a small group of hair strands are collected which the human hair weave is then braided or knotted around. It is usually then secured with wax, glue, or heat. Any of these are bound to ruin the hair. Sometimes iron clamps are used. These can first be very heavy on the hair and secondly be uncomfortable.

Also, the chemicals needed to remove these human hair weave can sometimes be damaging.

Wafting is a much safer method of a human hair weave. Wafts means that a bunch of hair is sewn across a ribbon. When these wafts are handmade they can also provide you with quite a natural look. The benefit of the wafts is they can actually be sewn into your hear and do not require any chemicals or anything else that damages your hair.

Instead, hair that is right near your scalp is gathered neither in the bottom layer nor the top so that it should not be seen) and braided together into tiny braids called tracks. The wafts are sewn to the tracks.

Attachment Methods

Most methods should only be done by a hair stylist but there is a new method called clip on hair extensions which can be done in the comfort of your own home (it probably takes five to ten minutes)

We will explain three different methods of human hair extension and how they are done. It is not suggested that you attempt the first two types. The last method of the clip on human hair extension, feel free to do when ever you please.

Fusion system of the Human Hair Extension

Section hair. The hair attachment is placed between the top hairs and the bottom hairs. For the fusion human Hair Extension system you will need a glue gun, adhesive and a templates which is a round plastic circle with a hole in the middle (through which the hair can be attached).

Pull person's own hair through the attachment. Then take about 20-30 strand of human hair extension hair. With glue gun, apply hot adhesive all around it. Place hair extension under real hair. Roll together until tight and stiff. Apply heat again with tip of glue to smooth out and strengthen. Remove Template. Move on to next group of hair.

Remove with fusion X10 Remover. Then break adhesive with pliers.

Mini Link human hair extension system

For mini link system you need "pre tipped" human hair and mini links and a pulling needle (looks something like crochet needle.)

Section hair. The hair attachment is placed between the top hairs and the bottom hairs. Pull a small group of the person's hair through mini tape. Stick human hair attachment pre tipped hair through tube. Squeeze tube together with pliers so it is firm. Move on to next group of hair.

Remove with tube opener.

Clip-on human hair extension

This is the easiest type of human hair extension and can be completed from the comfort of your home in about five to ten minutes.

There are two types of clip on hair extensions:

The long clip on extension: this human hair extension goes across the width of your hair. To apply this one part your hair about 2 inches from your hair line in a circular form. Pin up hair above part with a hair fastener. Clip on human hair extension. Let down your own hair and blend together.

The piece by piece human hair extension:

Here you will first make a part close to your nape and clip on a short waft of hair. Then you will make a part a bit higher up and clip on a longer waft of hair. Clip up the sides and clip on short wafts of hair.

Unclip clip on human hair attachments to remove.

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Hair Lengthening - Hair extensions have the magical power to "grow" your hair overnight

Hair Volume - adds bulk to people suffering from hair thinning or gradual hair loss

Hair Style Change - Allows people to change their hair style either for a day or for extended periods of time.

Tips and Care Instructions

All Extensions:

1. Wash both hair and hair extension before applying.

2. Always brush from ends to roots. Don't pull so hard - the hair will not grow back.

3. Wash every 2-3 days. Use conditioners to keep weave's shines as they do not get hair's natural oil. Use quality shampoos and conditioners. (Caution: some of the real expensive shampoos can actually melt the fusion material. If you find hair falling out excessively, check with your hair stylist.) Be sure to wash the scalp in between the cornrows to keep from bacteria.

4. Don't scrub dry - it will cause frizz. Blot with friction free towel.

5. Don't use too much heat; it can burn hair of human hair weave.

6. Hair extensions can be tied in any way that regular hair can be tied including ponytails, braids, buns, updos...

7. Tie or braid hair on human hair weave when engaging in active activities.

8. Before going swimming, brush out hair and tie into two neat braids and tuck completely under nylon bathing cap. Wash hair as soon as possible after swim to remove chemicals.

9. Extensions need maintenance. Visit your stylist every 6-8 weeks. By that time you hair will have grown and your extension will probably be 1-11/2 inches below your scalp. The extension will be removed, the area cleaned and then they will be reattached. If necessary, more hair will be added.

10. It is not recommended to get hair extensions which are over thirty inches long. This extension will put too much weight on your hair. In addition, if you are going with human hair, this hair was growing on the person's head for over ten years, which ruins the quality of the hair.

11. Always play it safe. When in doubt consult with your stylist.

Human Hair Extensions

Hot tools may be used for styling. However if your attachment was attached by glue or other similar fusion method, keep heat far away from bonds - or they might get melted.

Only have hair colored professionally.

Synthetic Hair Extensions

Keep hair away from excessive heat. Heat can melt the synthetic material.

Synthetic hair can not be dyed easily.

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