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Front Lace Wigs

For years, the most telling feature that someone was wearing a wig was the part. Wigs just did not have the same parting quality as human hair. The entire side came out of one point and the dividing part was there.

Then hand made tops were designed. This involves a process in which the strands of hair are sewn in one by one in a hair like pattern on a stretchy nylon or polyester mesh. These wigs also part in a hair like fashion. But there was still a problem.

When you part a wig, you see a tiny bit of scalp in the part. But in these wigs all you saw was the brown cap. There was still a very sure sign that you were wearing a wig. Than skin colored caps came to the scene. This was certainly a welcome innovation, but still the color of the skin colored cap was off, often looking too white or just not matching the person's skin color.

Then the front lace wig caps were created. On front lace wigs, the caps are cut short about 2-3 inches (something like falls.) Then to the front a very thin French Lace or Welded Mono lace is attached. This lace is so thin, it is for all practical purposes clear and the hair is attached to that. It actually looks like the hair is coming right out of the scalp.

Front lace wigs have been a major breakthrough in wig technology. They are mostly sold with the more expensive human hair but they can be found with cheaper version.

Front Lace Wigs are more expensive than other wigs but look much nicer then other wigs and are certainly worth it if one can afford it. Especially if you are trying to hide the fact that you are wearing a wig in the first place.

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