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Front Lace Wig

How to make a front lace wig?

Walk out of your house

Walk to the shoe store

Ask the shoe store keeper for a shoe lace

Pay for the shoe lace

You now have your lace for your front lace wig

Walk to the office supply store

Find a whole puncher

Buy a whole puncher

That is how you will make holes for your front lace wigs

Walk to the costume store

Pick a wig that you like

Pay for the wig

Can't have a Front Lace Wig without a lace can you

Walk back to you house

Put all your supplies for your front lace wig on the table

Take the wig which will be your front lace wig out of the bag

Take the whole puncher out of the bag

Start at the front right of the wig (behind the bangs if there are any)

Make one hole near the front then one further back

Continue like that making six more sets of holes.

Your Front Lace Wig is almost ready

String the laces in the holes like a shoe lace. Tie it at the other end. Make sure the bow sticks up and is visible.

Your Front Lace Wig should be very pretty now

For variations buy a colorful lace or pull some beads through the lace

You can add some side laces or back laces the same way if you want.

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