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Free Wig Catalog. It all depends how you read it. Of course you'd like it to say free "wig catalog." So we searched and searched for a catalog of free wigs. Nothing doing. Couldn't find a "free wig" catalog anywhere.

Well you type it in to the search engine and everyone sort of tries to trick you. Revlon stand up proudly with it's free wig travel kit with a purchase of a Revlon wig

Revlon will offer you a free travel kit with purchase of a wig. The kit includes shampoos and conditioners for your wig. ( Why buying a wig is considered free- (after all wigs do cost plenty) I still haven't figured out yet. Gabi's Wigs plays the same little prank. But instead of offering a wig travel kit (you'll have to buy a Revlon for that) they offer you a free coupon. With this free coupon you can get a free wig box. But remember you don't get anything (maybe just the free coupon) without paying for a Gabi wig. ( client/coupon.php?city_id=1&page_id=1168)

Now this one is really for free. You can get a free tutorial of how to make wigs from MHRW Wigs. No obligations and no strings attached- this tutorial is really for free. Right on their website you don't even have to pay with personal information (which can sometimes be a high price on information and stuff that is supposedly fre. ( ) But, this tutorial includes a whole list of materials you need and of course the only real practical way to get these tutorials is to buy them from MHRW. As a matter of fact the free tutorial is not so understandable. You will probably have to pay them for a better tutorial or attend one of their - "for pay" seminars.

Cancer patients can have a free wig donated to them.

Now this one is really really for free. But you got to hit it lucky. Paula Young Wigs offers a free wig or $100 gift certificate towards a wig if you just sign up for their newsletter.

The only ones who can really find anything that really free is Cancer patients. Even they won't find a whole "free wig," catalogue. But they can find a free wig that was donated specially for cancer patients.

Otherwise you may just have to settle for a free "wig catalogue."

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