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Fiber Optic Wigs

Looking to light up the night. For that dazzling glamour? Why not try a fiber optic wigs. When you fist look at a fiber optic wig it looks nothing out of the ordinary. Not quite fit for a dressy wig but quite a boring costume wig. Fiber Optic Wigs are usually made of a solid color of course hear - something like a trolly hair. The fiber optic wigs often look like colorful "tina wigs" with a punk top which means the hair sticks up in a porcupine-like fashion and the side hairs hanging down to all different lengths. Then you install the batteries or turn on the switch and - wala! - some of the strands at the top of the wig light up. These fiber optic wigs will certainly make you stand out at any part. You will be the light of the show. You can find fiber optic wigs in all assorted colors. The popular ones are purple, black and red. Fiber optic light colors are often white or red.

Sounds a bit miraculous that hears start lighting up - doesn't it. But in order to understand fiber optic wigs, you have to understand fiber optics. You must understand, fiber optics serve much more important purposes then turning you into the life of the party (or the light of the party.) Fiber Optics are used to make our telephone systems work, to give us the benefit of cable TV and to make the whole internet system possible. They are used for medical imaging and mechanical engineering.

Fiber optics are glass tubes which are as thin as human hair. These tubes are lined with mirror and can therefore transmit light through bends and curves through great distances. Thousands of fiber optics are put together to create fiber optic cables which can transmit enough information for a TV or internet.

But the key is as thin as hair. Wig makers caught on to this and started creating wigs with this material. With a light source at the front of the wigs these fiber optic hairs bring the light to the top of the wig and shine forth.

Some fiber optic wigs light up in the same color as the rest of the hair. Other fiber optic wigs light up in a contrasting color.

Purple fiber optic wigs with red lights and white fiber optic wigs with 2 color blinking lights

Fiber optic wigs for kids

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