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Anyone who is in tune with the fashions will take fashion into consideration when buying a wig. They will look into the latest fashions and decide if they like the fashions and how fashionable they want to be.

There are different fashions for older people. Imagine an eighty five year old lady walking around with blond flowing hair extending to her hips. It would look quite humorous. Even though for a seventeen year old it would look quite glamorous. But imagine that seventeen year old with short soft curls that end in a nape. It would probably look quite nerdy. So you always have to take your age in mind when thinking of fashions.

But none of this is necessarily fashion wigs. If you buy a wig due to hair loss or poor quality hair you want it to somewhat in fashion, as in fashion as you would want your hair to be. But not more.

Fashion Wigs ensure that you will definitely look in fashion. Perhaps your hair is too short and the fashion is long. You would buy some long fashion wigs. Or perhaps the style is short and you have long hair which you'd rather not part with. After all when the style comes back to long in six months you'll be stuck. And it's much easier and cheaper to get a good looking stiff short wig then a long and flowing one. So you will buy as short fashion wig.

Sometimes the fashions just take too long to shape hair into. So you need a fashion wig which will keep its shape for sometimes. And sometimes the fashions are nearly impossible to shape certain hair types into. When the hair style is very curly, it is very hard for people with thin very straight hair. Their hair would have to be heavily permed and it still wouldn't work so well. In this case fashion wigs are needed. In the 1960s when beehives were in fashion many people wore fashion wigs. To shape the hair into beehives the hair had to be very long and it required weekly visits to the hair salon and was probably very uncomfortable.

For whatever reason you have to buy a fashion wig, good luck on your purchase.

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