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Face Shapes

Deciding Which Style
What kind of style would you like your wig to have? Well you might love your hair style and want a wig to look exactly the same. If you know your style and can find a wig to match- lucky you. But if you are not embarking on your wig excavation with such a predetermined style or your dream style just doesn't work well with wigs you are in for a big challenge- especially if you are buying through a catalogue. It is so difficult to judge what will look good on you.

There is a new feature, available by a few online companies, which allows you to "try on" their wigs on your own photograph (if you have a webcam.) The companies that currently offer this service are:,,,, and

However, it can be timely to "try on" every single wig and even after you finish, you may still not be able to judge from the picture alone. Besides what if you want to buy a wig from another dealer?
Luckily, there are experts who have, too a large extent, figured it out for you. They examined different face shapes and determined which styles accentuate the write features in each face and balance the imperfection. Of course these are not hard and fast rules- just very helpful tips.

What shape is your face? "My face isn't a shape," you'll say. My face is just a face. Well that's true. But if you ever took art lessons (or had a father who tried to give them to you- as in my case) you'll learn that every item you try to draw can be broken down into simple basic shapes. Of course, those of us who are not proper artists and don't see the "shape" right away need some aid to see the face. So here it is- two choices.

  1. Pull back your hair so it is completely off your face. Now stand 12 inches from a mirror and look into it standing perfectly straight. Outline your face with a marker on the mirror
  2. If you have a picture in which you are looking directly forward and your hairline is showing you can use that. Or the truth is, in this day and age, it would probably take about five minutes to produce such a picture with a digital camera and a computer. Trace the outline of your face on drawing paper.

Needless to say, you are not going to find a perfect circle or a symmetrical triangle. But if you stare long enough you should see an overriding shape. Now read the recommended style ideas for your head shape.

The Oval Face
If you see an oval in your face you've struck it lucky this time. Oval faces are also known the versatile face- they look good with practically any stile. But you have such a lovely face, why not show it off. The best way to accomplish that is by pulling your wig back so that your face can be seen in all its glory. Otherwise a shoulder length wig with center or side part looks great. Or a short layered look with curls and a close extended nape.

The Round Face
You know that round pudgy face that everyone loves on a baby. Well, somehow when you grow older round faces don't maintain the same attraction. Our goal here is to "lengthen" your face and give it an oval appearance. A long wig, worn close to the face with a middle part and no bangs are the best way to lengthen the face. If you'd prefer a shorter wig wear it on a side part to interrupt the symmetry. Extra hair at the crown is also does wonders for this face shape. If you need bangs wear curly, tousled side bangs, but never straight falling ones. Surprisingly, a gamin (boy cut) and shag works (side hair angled shortly with longer hair in the back.)

Square Face
Here, our goal is to round out the square angles at the jaw and keep the eye off your square brows. Accomplish this with a below chin length wig which rests on the face. If it's curled under it is even more effective. Wispy bangs at the forehead or temple area also enhance such a face

Triangle Face
Every body knows that when you have pile of loose-leafs or some other triangular shaped objects you pile each one in the opposite direction from the one below it to fill in the empty space. Well we try to do the same thing with the hair of you triangular shaped folks. Widen your wig on top by pushing the hair off your face and behind your ears. Have it angled as it comes down so your hair should be pretty thin by the time it reaches your chin.

Reversed Triangle Face
For you people with upside down triangles for faces well take the key from the triangled face bodies and just do the opposite. A side part works well; brush soft three quarter bangs to one side of the face. Wig should be full on bottom of the cheek.

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