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European Human Hair Wigs

European Human Hair Wigs are made from Caucasian sources in Europe. The hair is therefore lighter and thinner per strand, when compared to Asian hair. It is also much more expensive to acquire.

European Human Hair Wigs need to be trimmed, thinned and styled before you wear it for the first time. After wearing it on numerous occasions you will be able to re-set the style when needed.

The difference between European Human Hair Wigs and synthetic wigs is that synthetic ones do not last as long as European Human Hair Wigs, and nothing looks more natural than a beautifully styled human hair wig.

Pre-styled European human hair wigs are now available from select manufacturers. They will not require styling before wearing, although some styles may need a bit of trimming.

You can save money when you purchase European Human Hair Wigs online. Most hair salons charge more than the prices you can find at a cheap online wig store. You will save the most money when you know exactly what style you want and you have a hair stylist in your area that can help you with the initial setting and styling.

When looking to purchase a human hair wig online, look for a store that has a good exchange policy. Some charge a service fee for wig exchanges so be sure to check their policy before you purchase. They do not allow you to wear the wig, only to try it on. The wig must have the tags on in their original manner and look brand new.

Don't be surprised if the wig you order doesn't look exactly like the picture you see online. Most of the wigs in the photos have been trimmed and styled by professional hairstylists to fit the faces of the models that are wearing them.

That is why you should take your new wig to a wig stylist that will cut and style the wig while it is on your head. In some cases, the bangs that you see in the online catalog must be cut in. That is the easiest part of wig styling. In general, shorter wigs require less styling. Human hair wigs are therefore not ready-to-wear. They all come in a bit too long and need some trimming to achieve a perfect look.

Believe it or not you can change the color of your human hair wig. But, just as it is hard on your own hair, color changing is stressful to the wig's hair and should be kept to a minimum. Color lightening and bleaching is more stressful than darkening, and is not recommended. You can have human hair wefts sewn in to give it a lighter look.

Making your wig slightly darker however is easily done, and Pantene products are recommended for that purpose. For these reasons, it is best to purchase a wig that is closest to the color you want, or slightly lighter.

When caring for your human hair wig we always recommend a line of shampoo and conditioners that have low soap concentration. High soap concentration strips wigs of their natural oils. Pantene Pro-V conditioner: try the blue bottle for color-treated hair is an excellent choice. Velcro rollers should be used when storing curly or wavy wigs. Never brush out a dry curly wig.

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