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Dear Legal Wig Advisor,

I am manufacturing synthetic hair wigs in Europe. I advertised it as European hair wigs. I thought that was fair enough because the European Hair Wigs really do come from Europe.

A customer came in the other day to complain. She said that European Hair Wigs naturally implies that it is human hair and she just assumed when she read European Hair Wigs that it was human hair. She brought one of my "European Hair Wigs" to a hair stylist who informed her that this was definitely not a human hair wig. She was screaming and yelling that she wants to return this "European hair wig," and she wants her money back. I calmly told her that I never claimed that the wig was human hair and I only wrote "European Hair Wigs." I further explained to her that had it been a human hair wig it would have been very good advertisement for me and I would have certainly written European human hair wigs. I informed her that there was a final sale policy on these European Hair Wigs, and that I had no intentions of giving her the money back for the purchace of her European hair wig. She left looking quite disgusted and mumbling something under her breadth.

Today I received a letter from court that I am being sued for false advertisement. I understand that European hair wigs sounds very good, and I purposely manufactured my wigs in Europe so that I could write that I sell European hair wigs. However, I carefully worded my advertisement that it should be technically correct. Is there any way to fight the court on this issue?

European Hair Wig Seller

Dear European Hair Wig Seller

European hair does rightfully imply human hair. As a matter of fact most advertisements for European human hair wigs only write fine European hair. European hair wigs means that the hair comes from somebody who lives in Europe. The wig does not become a European hair wig simply because it was manufactured in Europe. You knew that everyone would assume that your wigs were human hair when you wrote "European Hair Wigs." This is going to be a tough case to fight and I wish you much luck.

The Legal Wig Advisor

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RSS | August 23, 2019

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