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Ethnic Wigs

"Ethnic wig for sale," the advertisement said.

"I am American, not Ethnic," Carloline said to herself. I will not go to that store. Caroline walked passed and went to the next wig store. 'I hope they don't also sell Ethnic wigs she thought to herself.

Caroline walked into the wig store. She picked up the first wig. She combed her hands down the long blond hair. It felt so smooth and silky. Maybe this is a good wig for me. Caroline picked it up and looked at the label. It said, made in China. 'This is also an Ethnic wig,' Caroline thought to herself.

Caroline picked up the next wig. It was a short black wig. The hair felt stiff and hard. 'This is not as nice,' Caroline thought to herself. 'But maybe it will do.' But again the label said made in China. Caroline put the wig back down. It was also an Ethnic wig.

Next, Caroline picked up a layered brown wig. It had a really cute style. Caroline tried it on. She thought it looked really nice on her. But this label also caught her attention. Made of Asian hair. 'Why are there so many ethnic wigs?' Caroline thought to herself. She could not understand. Caroline was sure the next wig she picked up was not an Ethnic wig. It was far to beautiful. The hair could have almost been growing out of someones head. The hair light and bouncy. It had an unusual shimmer to it. 'This is certainly not an ethnic wig,' Caroline exclaimed. She tried the wig on. It felt light as a feather. "I think I will take this one," Caroline exclaimed almost out loud. Then her face fell. She had noticed that the wig said European hair. 'This wig may not be Ethnic, but it's certainly not American. Caroline threw the wig down in disgust.

The wig seller saw Caroline throwing down the wig and rushed over to her. "What happened?" she asked. "What is wrong with the wig? This is our best stock wig. It is semi- custom made of a skin colored cap and the most beautiful hair around. You will not find a nicer wig - guaranteed!"

Caroline looked at the wig lady. "Why are all your wigs Ethnic wigs?"

"Ethnic wigs?" the store lady asked in surprise. "What "Ehtnic wig? We don't sell Ethnic wigs? They sell Ethnic wigs in the Ethnic Wig Store. We just sell plain wigs. I'm not saying ethnic people can't wear our wigs. But they are certainly not expressly ethnic wigs."

"So why do they all say made in China, Asian hair… if they are not Ethnic wigs."

"Ah," the store lady said understandingly. This is just where the wig is made or the material that was used. Most wig are made in Ethnic countries, especially the better ones. These wigs have to be hand knotted and involve hours of work. It would be far too costly to hire Americans to do this labor. The hair generally comes from Europeans or Asians. Americans tend not to grow their hair so long. But all these wigs are styled for Americans."

Caroline understood. So these were not Ethnic wigs after all. Caroline picked up the light and bouncy wig once more. She tried it on. She loved the way it looked and the way it felt. "I think I'll take this one Caroline said with a smile."

"Trust me," the store lady said. "You won't find any wig as nice in the ethnic wig store."

Ethnic wigs are special wigs that copy the texture of ethnic people and their styles. Many wigs are appropriate for both Ethnic people and Caucasions.

Ethnic wig sellers

Wow Wigs

Sell Ethnic Wigs as well as Ebony Wigs, African American Wigs. These wigs come in straight, wavy, and curly

Large selection of ethnic wigs.

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