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Most wigs are worn to cover existing hair or replace lost hair. But there is one type of wig that does neither. This wig is the original hair. And that is doll wigs.

Dolls are sort of a mini world unto themselves. Their creators are humans, and they basically have the same needs as humans in miniature. They need clothes, hats, pocketbooks, homes, furniture. Many dolls are created by mass production in factories. Yet, doll making has also become a very popular craft. With great care and love, there are many people sitting and investing hours and hours to create their special doll. Some of these are sold at fairs, some lovingly presented to their children and grandchildren, and some just being kept and cherished.

Unfortunately, humans have not figured out how to create dolls where hair actually grows from their head. So, in order to "grow" the hair of these home maid dolls, doll wigs are used.

Doll wigs range from being as good quality as human wigs - just in miniature form to being funnier then clown wigs.

Lets begin with the human like wigs. Well just like human wigs you have a large choice of hair - you can get the finest European human hair, asian hair, synthetic hair, or yami hair (animal hair.) These wigs come fully put together and attached to caps. Or they come in wefts - hair tied to a strip.

Online venues for doll wigs

Online doll wig sellers

Monique Trading Corp

Monique - Sell doll wigs, doll eyes, doll making supplies.

All About Dolls

All About Dolls - Thousands of doll making supplies including doll wigs.

How to attach doll wigs?

Human Like Doll Wigs

Before you can attach any wig you must check if there is a hole in the doll. A pate made from cork or buckram is used to fill in the hole. You do this by measuring the head, cutting the pate to size, putting glue in the lip of the hole, and then pasting in the pate. If need be cut off the excess of the pate. Now you are ready to attach the wig.

Attaching doll wig caps.

If you are familiar with human wigs doll wigs are just a bit easier. The only difference is now you are gluing on the hair to stay.

So to start your doll wig by applying glue to wig head (not too much.) It's a good idea to tie the wig hair back (especially if it's long) to make sure it does not get caught in the glue. Now stretch the cap over the head and adjust it so it's sitting right. Leave it to dry and you have just created your doll wig.

If you have wafts you have to measure the head and paste on strip by strip. This is much harder then a doll wig already attached to a doll wig cap.

Warning: don't use super glue for your doll wig. When it hardens it may tear the cap of your doll wig.

Funny Doll Wigs

Doll wigs for material dolls or rag dolls are a totally different story. You don't need human hair, synthetic hair or yak hair - you need yarn. Sew the yarn into the head starting from the front jaw line around the forehead and to the second jaw line. Then a row behind that and a row behind that. You can make long strands of hair or loops. For detailed instructions go to Bella Online.

Getting even more creative make a doll wig cap out of plastic wrap. Glue any material you want. Leave it up to your imagination. You can use yarn, twist ties, rags, sponges, ribbon, paper, string, more plastic wrap, packaging materials, towels, carpet materials…for your doll wigs.

You can also use a stocking as a cap and sew thinner yarn or thread to it for your doll wigs.


Pate - Made from cork or buckram. Used to fill in hole on doll's head before wig is secured.

Wafts - Strips with hair attached. Attach waft by waft to doll's head.

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