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Clare cherished her porcelain china doll Anne. Her grandma had given it to her for her fifth birthday and she planned on passing down to her granddaughter Rachel on her fifth birthday.

Clare felt like she grew up with the doll. When she would sew herself a dress she would use the scraps to sew Anne a dress. When she would knit herself a scarf she would knit a little one for Anne as well. When Clare started getting wrinkles, she painted wrinkles on to Anne. And as she grayed she died Anne's hair like her own hair color.

Each night before she went to sleep, she would lay Anne down to. And when Claire would wake up she would sit Anne up on a stool. When Claire got cold she would put a sweater on Anne. And when Claire got to warm, she would move Anne in front of the fan.

When Clare found out she had cancer she was devastated. One of her greatest fears was that she was told the chemo therapy would cause her to lose her hair. She was advised to go get have a wig made for herself.

When Clare went to have her wig made she brought Anne along. "I need two wigs," she explained - one for me and one a doll wig for Anne. The wig maker gave her a funny look.

"Why do you need a doll wig? Your doll will not lose her hair."

"My doll needs a doll wig," Claire looked the doll maker in the eye.

"There are doll companies that sell doll wigs," the wig maker suggested. "Why don't you try them? You can probably find a much cheaper doll wig for your doll."

"No, Anne will get the same wig I get!" Clare stated her tone rising in volume.

With no choice the wig maker took measurements of Clare and she took measurements of Anne. She then took a snip of Claires hair to match the color.

"The hair sample will be ready in two weeks," the wig maker informed Anne. Come back in two weeks. Make sure to bring your doll along so we can try the cap on your doll for its doll wig.

Two weeks later Claire came with Anne. The wig maker had two caps. She tried the big one on Claire; it fit perfectly. The small one was for Anne's doll wig. She placed it on Claire's head; it also fit perfectly. Then she showed Claire the hair. It matched Claires hair exactly. A tiny bit of the same color hair was reserved for Anne's doll wig.

A month later the wig was ready. Claire and Ann went together to the wig stylist to have their wig styles. "My wig and Anne's doll wig should be styled exactly the same way," Claire announced. And so it was. Claire sat on the big chair, and Anne sat on a little doll chair. Claire's wig and Anne's Doll wig were both styled. The same exact way.

Claire suffered tremendously with her disease. She felt very sick from the chemo therapy. She kept Anne at her side the whole time. Anne was there when the doctor told her that cancer had spread. And Anne was at Claire's side when she was given three more weeks to live.

On December 5th Clara passed away with Anne laying close to her. At the funeral someone handed a box to Rachel. Rachel opened it and saw Anne in her doll wig. It was Rachel's fifth birthday.

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