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Doll Hair Care

Doll hair care is an important part of preserving your favorite dolls for future enjoyment. From rare collectibles to childhood companions, dolls are an endless source of delight for people all around the world. Even if you are not an ardent doll collector, wigs for dolls can be periodically cleaned for an instant revamp that will add years to your doll's value and usability. Here are some doll hair care tips for different types of dolls' wigs.

Synthetic hair

Synthetic hair is typically used in modern doll making since around the 50's. This hair is attached with a mesh or cloth netting (like a wig cap) or glued into the inside from the underside of the doll's head. Remove the wig cap and wash in cool water with a cleaning solution like Windex. To take out the knots, you can either use real hair conditioner or fabric softener. Use a cleaned pet brush or other metal-toothed comb (always clean thoroughly or you will transfer oils from the living user onto the dolls head which will just sit and collect dirt). Use curlers if curls don't return naturally (no heat on synthetics, remember). Rooted hair (non-removable) is the same process except that you should use extra caution not to get the doll's eyes wet. If water gets into the eyes, turn over (face down) on a towel, and leave the doll to try out for several hours. A little water left inside an eye socket will mold.

Human hair

Remove the cap gently and brush out knots with a thin pick or rat-tail comb. Soak the wig in cold water with a little bit of fabric wash. You can do a second soaking with some drops of vinegar to add sheen to the hair, if you like. Next, lay out wig on a dry towel and pat dry with another dry towel (don't rub or pull). Remove to a third dry towel to dry. Human hair wigs may be styled using heating elements.

Mohair (made from angora goats)

Mohair is difficult to wash because it may stretch or shrink in the process. If it shrinks, a few stitches can be removed from the wig base, just be careful not to remove the hair weft in the process. Stretched out wigs simply need a stitch or so added to give it a snug fit. Wash mohair in cold water and fabric soap, using gentle motions. Dry using the towel method above to avoid pulling out hairs.

Miscellaneous materials such as caracul (short curly fur), wool, and yarn

Other doll wigs should not be washed with water at all. Wool, for example, should be cleaned with a powder cleaner and scrubbed out gently with a small brush such as a toothbrush. Yarn hair shouldn't be brushed, but can be gently washed with a fabric wash.

Doll hair care is simple and it needn't be done frequently. Care for you dolls, and you will be able to enjoy them for many years to come.

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