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Discontinued Wigs

Looking for a bargain on your wig? Often you can find bargains on discontinued wigs. But discontinued wigs have a benefit over discontinued clothing or discontinued purses. Because usually discontinued items are out of style. You may want a bargain but you definitely don't want to be out of style. Discontinued wigs are also out of style. But often with a discontinued wig you give a snip here and a snip there and it's in style again. In the case of human haired wigs this is especially true because it can easily be restyled. But even discontinued synthetic wigs are sometimes workable.

Just remember- never look for a discontinued custom wig. Custom wigs are made to order so they can never become discontinued wigs.

It is a good idea to verify with your wig stylist that the discontinued wig can be styled the way you want. Also find out how much it costs. Sometimes by the time you are finished restyling your discontinued wig it costs more then an in-style wig. The ones originally designed for a certain style usually look best.

There are also discontinued wigs that are still stylish but are discontinued for some other reason. Research it before you buy it.

If you specifically want a discontinued wig style and can not find anyone who still sells it you may have to buy a custom wig

Discontinued wigs are sometimes referred to as close outs.

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