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Custom Wigs

Custom Wigs
Custom wigs... Custom prices. Ranging from $1500-$5000 dollars these wigs are a pretty penny. But you definitely do get a pretty wig for your pretty penny. There is no question about it custom wigs are significantly nicer and more natural looking then out-of-the-box wigs. If you can afford it and the looks are that important to you- go for it.

Buying a custom wig is also a time consuming process. Though you can buy a custom wig by internet, it is recommended to buy your custom wig from a wig salon where professionals can lead you through the whole process and save you from any costly mistakes.

The process will begin with a consultation. The wig stylist will discuss the option with you and show different samples and pictures. You will choose a cap and a hear type. Most customs are made with virgin hair and hand sewn caps but they don’t have to be. You will also decide together what kind of basic style will suit you. Don’t worry, the wig is still not going to be styled for a while so you still have time to decide on those details. Then the wig stylist will measure your head and hairline. She will cut a small piece of your hair for color matching. If you are already wearing wigs and would like your wig to be matched to an old wig, bring it along.

Many hair stylist will schedule another appointment after your cap is sewn the hair is blended together to match your color. They want your go ahead before beginning the long and arduous process of sewing the hair to the cap. Feel the hair to make sure it feels smooth and silky and make sure the color sits with you well. Sometimes it is just a matter of adding a few more highlights to give you that perfect color. Try one the cap. It can also be adjusted if it is not perfect. Once you give your approval the wig stylist will have your wig put together. When it is ready she will schedule another appointment to have your wig styled. Don’t freak out when she pulls out a mop of hair and tells you it’s your wig. Remember the wig still has to be styled. Often it will take 2-3 appointments until your wig is styled properly. Good wig designers cut very slowly to make sure they don’t cut it shorter then you want. You’ve spent a lot of money on the wig and there is no way to regrow the hair that was cut too short. It is wise to try wearing a couple of days between appointments. You can not know how you really feel about a wig until you wear if a few times and let it grow on you. It will usually take 6-8 weeks from your initial consultation until you actually bring home your wig.

If you order a custom wig through the internet or mail order you will be given a form to fill out your specifications, including hair type, can type, and style. You will be asked to measure your head and send in a color swatch.

The wig will be delivered to you when ready and you will have to take it to a hair stylist to style.

Whether you opt for an actual hair salon or mail order make sure you deal with a reputable company who will back their product if something is wrong. You are gambling with a small fortune here, and you want to be sure that you will be satisfied.

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