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Custom Made Wigs VS Synthetic Hair Wigs

Pros of custom made wigs:

Custom made wigs are made to fit the shape of your head so they are more comfortable

Better quality

Longer lasting

More realistic, free flowing, like real hair

Feel nicer, softer

Accepts all mediums

Compatible with all styling elements even heating

Versatility- Washes and wears just like real hair so you already know what you're doing

Custom wigs bought from a salon or professional wig distributor come with the added bonus of an expert eye styling the wig to your exact specifications.

Cons of custom made wigs:


Needs constant upkeep- after every wash, the style needs to be reset

Responds to environment like real hair, becomes frizzy in humidity, loses style quickly, and needs to be redone especially if it gets wet

Pros of synthetic hair wigs:

Less expensive than custom made wigs

Because of price difference, you can buy several and have different styles and looks for varying occasions, days, or moods

Quick drying

Low maintenance

Holds style longer

Longer lasting color

Ready to wear after washing

Cons of synthetic hair wigs:

Quality cannot compare

You can't use hot styling tools (the synthetic hair will burn, singe or frizz)

Frequent handling or abrasion will cause frizzing

Some are stiffer

Can't be dyed or highlighted

Can irritate sensitive skin

When all is said and done, however, the synthetics of today are become more and more realistic with each passing season. Competition is fierce in this business and the better companies are certainly putting up a good contest for wig buyers. So no matter which you decide is better for you, paying attention to quality construction is what's most important.

Mail order has even more disadvantages. Unless you inspect and try on the wig prior to purchasing, you are likely to kick yourself later. Inconveniences include receiving the wrong wig, wrong color or defective goods. In the interim, wigs or specific colors can become discontinued or go out of stock, leaving you high and dry and wigless.

The two advantages mail order has to offer are convenience and privacy. If you don't want others knowing about your purchase, or if you don't have time to get out to a store or stylist, mail order wigs can be ordered and received at home.

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